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    1. Geekrider is offline

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      Jul 2010
      United States
      United States
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      Selling Herbal Cannabis Grinders online - Legal or Not

      I need someone to tell me whether or not its legal to sell cannabis grinders online. Ive found a lot of conflicting information when Ive looked, and Id like to know the real info. Thanks.
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    2. Robin_texas is offline

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      Aug 2010
      United States
      United States
      7 Times in 7 Posts
      Short answer, yes, basically, but you can’t call them “cannabis grinders”, or even “herbal cannabis grinders”. Call them “herbal grinders”, instead, and you’ll be golden. In fact, be certain that the words cannabis, pot, bud, grass, green, chronic, hash, hashish, (etc) never show up on your site. Even their presence in customer testimonials can cause trouble for you.

      You seriously want to stick to the, shall we call it, sanitized nomenclature. Tommy Chong had his inventory seized, was sentenced to 9 months in federal lockup, and issued a hefty fine because, basically, he didn’t play by the rules and sold “bongs” instead of “water pipes”. Likewise, never refer to kief, kiefer, or kiefing. Refer instead to pollen, as in pollen sifter instead of kiefer/kiefing box.

      When you’re talking about the products you want to sell, there’s a lot of very slippery legal gray area, and if you don’t use the syntax that allows you to operate in that gray area, then you’ll get slapped. Read up on Operation Pipedream and Operation Headhunter for an example of government crackdowns on possible paraphernalia sales online. Be very careful out there!
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    3. BettyBai2013 is offline

      Join Date
      Jan 2013
      0 Times in 0 Posts
      yes, it is

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