Hi there,

We are currently in a process of partnering up with a software supplier so we can resell its softwares.

I don't have much knowledge of legal stuff, and I checked like 10 example agreements, however every agreement is very specific to a certain branch or product category.

So in our case, we will be reselling softwares with our own name and branding. We will resell a cloud based platform where users can sign up for an X amount of money and they can use the software. The users will basically login to the supplier's software, only our logo would be on top of the software.

Now, the supplier is responsible for delivering the software and the supplier has complete control over the software. The supplier also is responsible for hosting.

I wonder what legally would be common in this scenario. Let's say a customer of me forms a claim because a certain aspect of the software was not working and it created damage for the customer.

I have no influence at all on how the software is working. So can I just transfer this claim to my supplier, or am I still accountable for my own customers?

Hope to get some feedback on this; thanks a lot in advance!

PS: I understand that who is accountable is just a matter of what both parties agree to, however I'm mostly looking for what is common and what would be fair/logical.