About a quarter of small business owners see legal problems as the biggest risk of doing business, according to Rocket Lawyerís latest poll. In todayís culture, Iím not surprised by that fact. But despite these fears, entrepreneurs arenít doing enough to build legal counsel as much as they should. Whatís the hold up? The majority of small business owners say that legal advice costs too much.

Not consulting with a lawyer is a foolish mistake and itíll cost you more in the long run. In fact, seeking legal advice is a smart move to save more money for your business. A smart lawyer will show you how to avoid any costly problems in the future, point out loopholes in written agreements and contracts that will cost you time and money, helping you to save more on leases and much more.

As luck would have it, thereís a chance youíll find a lawyer that wonít cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some ideas to help you crush your legal costs into dust.

Be diligent.
Some people are afraid to talk to lawyers out of fear of being billed for their timeÖ so they let legal technicalities spiral out of control. Always bring up any concerns when you talk with your attorney every four weeks or so and get everything out of the way. By taking this route, you can avoid any unexpected problems before they actually become the problem for expansion and growth.

Manage your time.
Time equals money when it comes to lawyers, so when you talk to them about whatever, stay on track and be straight to the point as possible. Come prepared with a checklist of questions so you donít leave out any details, then get back to doing what must be done.

Know how you will be billed.
Some lawyers will charge you by the hour, others by the day, and even a few on monthly retainer. They might even charge you for regular tasks like going over paperwork. It doesnít really matter how your lawyer goes about it the billing process, be sure you ask the right questions to know how much youíre paying. For example, if your attorney has a receptionist, are you being charged for their simple tasks at the rate of the attorneys? Donít forget to bring up possible perks Ė some lawyers will let you handle the administrative duties, while others are finicky about it.

Look over your legal bills.
If youíre working on a complicated project with your attorney, you should ask them to show you an itemized bill. Look it over in detail just to make sure youíre not being taken to the cleaners and that you know what youíre being billed for.

Keep is simple, stupid!
The less work your attorney has to do, the less you pay them out of your pocket. Try to have all the necessary paperwork before meeting with your attorney. Send a single, detailed email instead of 13 random messages filled with time wasting questions. Just like any other businessperson, lawyers love it when you make their life as smooth as possible.