Hello all,

I represent an e-commerce platform and looking for some dropshippers for our store that deals in refurbished laptops, desktops, mobile phones and related accessories and wants to ship within US only for now.

I have some questions regarding the same like:

- Do you provide API or we will have to download a file or how we can list out your products under it?
- How your inventory will going to work in those situation when customer will order certain number of items and those will be out of stock so how frequently you update your inventory and how soon the out of stock order can available back into the store.
- What's an per order fee, restocking fee and monthly fee if you do have and what does it include?
- How you guys accept payments?
- Is the shipment cost will be included in the product cost itself or a separate one?
- What is the minimum and maximum number of orders?
- What is next after registration in order to start?

Looking forward to hear as soon as possible.