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    1. GiliD is offline

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      Jul 2011
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      Importing cosmetics and baby care products to Israel

      Hi all!

      My name is Gilad, I'm 32 years old and reside in Israel.

      Though as adult I spent 5 years living in South America. I become self occupied and business owner about year ago and I'm now interested in parallel import of cosmetics, brand clothing and baby care products (e.g., diapers of known firms like Huggies) to Israel.

      There are many limitations and restrictions on parallel import though it's legally possible.

      I'm looking to do business with wholesalers from all around the world and with emphasis on the US and EU countries. I would like to buy lots that meet the requirements of the Israeli customs and are attractive to the market. That means that all goods must come with full documentary (invoice from the wholesaler, certificate of originality that prove that there is no intellectual property rights violation, prove that the goods were legally purchased by the wholesaler, no retail tags and etc) and in very good condition, when it comes to clothing I would like to buy brands from the last season in US or Europe.

      When it comes to cosmetics no more than 9 months should pass between the date of the products manufactured and the date of shipping them to me (this requirement is strict). For some products I would prefer to deal with wholesalers from close geographical location for 2 different reasons:

      1. In case when more than one meeting is required before deciding to make a deal and the time is urging. Usually, when I'm abroad I meet with several wholesalers and not with one only.

      2. When shipment may consist major consideration in calculating the product price once in Israel and constant supply is needed.

      For instance, diapers are relatively cheap product but they take much space in shipment and also continuous immediate supply of them is needed. In this case buying them from Mediterranean European countries would be ideal both because the maritime shipping time is very short (the transport itself takes between few hours to three days) and shipping prices are therefore much lower in comparison to other countries. You are more than welcome to contact me for advise, joint venture, sharing ideas or sources or making business offers.


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    2. WholesaleMod's Avatar
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      Dec 2010
      United States
      United States
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      Hi Gilad,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      We have had a look at the claim "There are many limitations and restrictions on parallel import though it's legally possible" and it seems you are correct

      In November 14, 2007 the company Dyson Ltd. has started a case against Y Shalom Ltd. for the parallel import of genuine goods. Even though the importer provided an unauthorized translation of the original user manual into the local language, the District Court of Haifa has confirmed that the parallel importation of genuine goods does not constitute infringement.

      In addition to this, the court has stated that a manufacturer cannot prevent the parallel importation of genuine goods into Israel under the laws on copyright, consumer protection or unfair interference.

      Certain products are not manufactured for every county. A t-shirt may be manufactured using a different material or thicker cotton mesh, aimed at counties with a lower temperature like Russia for example, and therefore have not been designed for use in Israel. If a manufacturer argues that a product has not been designed for the country it was imported into, then a case as the one described above could have ended with a different verdict.

      Sourcing products that have a high demand from a country closer to your location seems to be the best solution, but for diapers you could also think of making a larger purchase with the manufacturer. Not only will this solve the problem of having to find more overstocks constantly, but you could also get a better price when sourcing directly from the manufacturer in larger quantities, which will cover for the higher shipping costs. Also in the case of the cosmetic products this could be a good solution, manufacturers tend to shift stock immediately because of the lack of storage space so you will be able to get fresh stock directly from them.

      Another way to source branded products is by using wholesale liquidators of overstock, surplus and ex-catalog stock. You could try having a look at Liquidation.com - Wholesale and Surplus Auctions by Liquidators

      Having the choice out of many different suppliers is the key to having a successful business, by putting suppliers in competition with one another you can ensure that you get the best product and price. Try having a look at esources. It's the largest trade directory, listing verified liquidators, wholesale suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers. It also includes relevant suppliers in Israel. Have a look at the following links:

      - Israel Apparel and Clothing Wholesale Suppliers - Israeli Wholesale Apparel & Clothing Directory (9 suppliers)
      - Israel Personal Care Wholesale Suppliers - Israeli Wholesale Personal Care Directory (9 suppliers)

      - United States Apparel and Clothing Wholesale Suppliers - American Wholesale Apparel & Clothing Directory (2129 suppliers)
      - United States Personal Care Wholesale Suppliers - American Wholesale Personal Care Directory (500 suppliers)
      - United States Baby Supplies Wholesale Suppliers - American Wholesale Baby Supply Directory (213 suppliers)

      - EU Apparel and Clothing Wholesale Suppliers - Wholesale Apparel & Clothing Directory (1245 suppliers)
      - EU Personal Care Wholesale Suppliers - Wholesale Personal Care Directory (179 suppliers)
      - EU (74 Baby Supplies Wholesale Suppliers - (74 Wholesale Baby Supply Directory suppliers)

      - Apparel and Clothing International Wholesale Suppliers - Wholesale Apparel & Clothing Directory (5967 suppliers)
      - Personal Care International Wholesale Suppliers - Wholesale Personal Care Directory (1346 suppliers)
      - Baby Supplies International Wholesale Suppliers - Wholesale Baby Supply Directory (521 suppliers)

      We hope you enjoy your stay on Wholesale Forum
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    3. GiliD is offline

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      Jul 2011
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      Hi there!

      Thanks for your great welcome, it's really appreciated! I would like to add that every product may have very different regulations. For instance, cosmetics must come sorted-that's why unsorted lots from liquidators (I usually prefer to buy from the manufacturer or overstocks of those who bought directly from him) have no value for me. The customs in Israel, and my understanding is that the regulations are different from one country to another, will ask that each pallet (or at least each box on the pallet) include products with the same batch, that they will arrive with Hebrew tags of them (and include the information that the guidelines of the ministry of health request) and if it's unknown batch (meaning of product that was never imported before to Israel) of substance that should come in contact with the skin, it will take it to lab tests for approval at the importer expanse. Also, the customs request a prove that you have warehouse that was licensed by the state pharmacy department to storage cosmetics and that no more than one year has passed since the day of production and the day of the shipment arrived . When making deal with manufacturer, it's obligatory for one to have prove that the manufacturer was licensed by the rights owner to manufacture and distribute the products. Otherwise, even if you buy from licensed manufacturer it could still be argued that the manufacturer had no right to distribute the good.

      Thanks for the links, and if any one want to share possible sources with me-especially if he/she's familiar with, it would be highly appreciated!


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