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    1. carl-UK is offline

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      Oct 2012
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Buying and selling American foods and beverages - New Wholesale Forum member

      Hi all, just wanna introduce myself.

      Basically, I'm a young guy who isn't happy with my job, so I'm thinking about taking a small step into the world of buying and selling......

      Now, I have literally zero experience in this. But I'm fairly intelligent and hard-working (I have a degree also). I haven't even ever sold anything on eBay...!

      My general thoughts at the moment are that I would like to set-up an eBay store, a website and a market stall once a week in my hometown, whilst working at my current job 4 days a week to keep the reliable income. I would like to sell a few lines of American grocery products and treats. Now as this is most likely going to be a "suck it and see" type thing, I may just try and set-up a small order from a UK Wholesaler (around £1000-£1500.....? PS Foods look to be a good company to contact) And see how it goes...! I'm perfectly willing to lose the money if it doesn't work for me, but atleast I'll have tried!

      I won't be rushing into this, probably looking at being ready to go in the new year.

      Any advice would be appreciated!
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    2. WholesaleMod's Avatar
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      Dec 2010
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      United States
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      Hi Carl-UK,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      The country specific food and beverage market segment can be a very profitable one if marketed well. You should also look into creating a Facebook page and selling from there.

      For a lot of advice and tips for starting up and growing your business you should read some of the threads found in Starting & Growing Your Business Discussion - Wholesale Forum, and if you have any questions or supplier requests feel free to start a new thread in Wholesale Forum - Discuss Wholesale Suppliers, Trade Distributors, Wholesalers, Drop Shippers & Product Strategies

      You can start by reading the following threads about sourcing American foods in the UK and rest of the EU:Enjoy your stay
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