My name is Zack.

I'm looking to import some goods in the the US through California for my business that I'm setting up.

I've done my research and found the best wholesaler who can supply my goods. The bad news is they cannot do direct delivery to me due to geographical problems.

I am now buying from a UK based wholesaler and importing it to me (California). This is all and well but I have received various emails from different sources stating that using a UK based wholesaler to import goods to the US is risky and discouraged because clearing the goods through customs and various different agencies is too time consuming and can sometimes not be accepted causing more problems.

I've done some research and found a reliable Air Freight company that will deliver my package weighing roughly 250 kg to my door in Los Angeles for 1011 pound. The wholesaler has offered to drop the package at the Air Freight's location and then the Air Freight company will do the rest.

I'm just wondering because I have chosen a Door-to-Door delivery method does that mean the air freight company will handle all customs, taxes and duties and agencies needed in order to clear my goods?

I really don't know how this work, I'm a bit of a rookie when it comes to Air Freights.

My main concern is getting my goods cleared through customs and various different agencies. Obviously I could hire a Customs Broker to deal with all that however, I'm only a small business so keeping costs as low as possible is a must.

If anybody has any suggestions, I am open to them all.

All advice is welcome!!

Thank you