Hello all,

I have imported from China since 3 years. I was searching on the internet, paying through Paypal. Getting them here. Till now 40 times I bought, every time I learned something new, always new mistake, always new learning. But now I am scared. I got a call from Income tax department asking to produce IEC code. I told them it's my personal parcel why should I have IEC. I got 1000pcs paper lanterns many names with the same name and address. The order value is 6000 to 7000rs. I was paying approx tax of 2000rs to 2500rs

I read somewhere in customs policy that no IEC is required below 25000rs value products. So I didn't bother to make one. Because I started my business with 5000rs. Today its 1lak rupees.

Kindly please help me with relevant information. Is that 25000rs transaction is for the year, or per consignment?

I got VAT-CST 2 months ago. Can I get products the same way as before by using the firm name without IEC?

Please it's urgent that I receive some suggestions.