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      The original post was excellent, and would have helped many new visitors to China.

      Having lost count of the number of times I have visited China since I began exporting to that country in 1978 and then importing, mostly from China, in 1987, I thought I might add some further suggestions.

      1. Provided you are dealing with businesses in the major cities as a buyer, you will usually be talking to someone who speaks reasonably good English. If you venture elsewhere, you may need an interpreter, and this can put you at a big disadvantage.To explain, whenever I visited as a seller, I was forced to use an interpreter although I know in many cases some of the people I was dealing with had excellent English. The people I was talking to could consult one another without me understanding what was said. On the other hand when I visited as a buyer, discussions always took place in English.
      2. Whenever you leave your hotel, always take a supply of the hotel's cards (in Chinese) to give to taxi drivers, otherwise you may be stranded.
      3. Once you have checked in, study the fire escape plan, and then go to the nearest fire exits and make sure the doors are not locked and that the stairs are not blocked with furniture, cleaning supplies etc. If such problems exist, demand that they be rectified, otherwise insist on a move to another room where access to useable fire exits is OK. Also check for locked doors after dark.
      4. Do not trust the "clean" drinking water supplied. I always carry an immersion heater with Chinese plug for boiling water. I have boiled some of the "safe" water and found well cooked nasties in the bottom, that were not visible in the water jug.
      5. Many hotels don't provide tea or coffee making facilities, so I take my own teabags. I don't add milk so the rarity of milk in China is not a problem to me. Others have to make do with coffee whiteners.
      6. Luggage security is a concern, both into China, and back into your home port. I recommend using the numbered plastic tabs similar to electrical wire ties. Put them on absolutely every possible opening in your luggage and note the numbers. Customs or security may cut them off and you will need to do so in order to open your luggage, so carry plenty of spares. If when collecting luggage you see any tag is missing, leave it on the roundabout and call a security guard or customs official. They will search your luggage, but if anything illegal is inside, at least it will be obvious that you did not place it there.

      Finally, may I add that I have enjoyed my many trips and I have developed excellent business relationships. Since my health enforced retirement I continue to receive greeting cards on various occasions and I still reciprocate.
      To learn safe overseas sourcing and how to buy small (or large) quantities at best prices see→ http://provenchinasourcing.comLearn to find genuine manufacturers and negotiate small orders at prices way below what wholesalers charge. Written after my health enforced retirement and provides insider information from veteran with experience exporting 1978-1987 importing since 1987 Learn to import the easy way

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      Thanks for your advice!

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