Packaging of a product is an important feature of shipping. It is used to protect a product from damage during shipping and handling and to avoid damage from natural forces. Packaging designs is a sure way to attract attention to your business.

Smart packaging decisions can help reduce costs and possibly lead to higher profits.

Visibility: Usually, package design is used to grab customers’ attention as they are shopping or browsing through a catalogue or website. It is particularly vital for customers who are not familiar with the product, such as products in grocery stores, even online products such as clothing, services, where a product must stand out among thousands of other products. Packaging design will help your business in both online and offline sales, helping them standout out, helping your customer identify and remember you for future shopping.

Added Value: For value addition, package design and structure can help to make the product unique and attractive. Product design can be used to necessitate details such as easy usage, in addition to providing safe casing for ease of transport. It is a good idea to have stylistic designs that can make a product more attractive to display when the customer opens the package.

Distributor Acceptance: It is a good idea to consider distributor’s confirmation while designing a package. For a better design possibility of a package, distributors will be able to give great input on practical packaging of a product as he is the one dealing with suppliers making experience is valuable. For instance, a retailer may not accept packages unless they conform to certain requirements for storing products on their shelves to increase shelf-value and extend the longevity of a product or item.

Cost: As packaging determines a big amount of a products selling price, it makes sense to work on good design engineering, in addition to the cosmetic value of some products. While some industries such as the cosmetics industry may spend as high as 40% of a products selling price, you may not be required to overspend, but it is advised to focus on smart packaging decisions, as they are known to help in the long run and help you help more customers and gain higher profits.

Expensive to Create: Packaging may be an expensive ordeal because creating a new design may burn a hole in your pocket. You may need to invest in new packaging: graphic and structural design, production, customer testing, possible ways to destroy or reuse old packaging and the advertising budget to inform potential and old customers of the new packaging. It is an added expense, but it does boost the marketing of your product. So be wise.

Long Term Decision: It helps to invest once on a good package design. Companies create new package with the purpose of having the design on the market for an extended period, as it is a major investment. In fact, changing a products packaging too frequently may also lead to negative output. Packaging is also a way to connect to the end customer, for the customer is accustomed to locating and identifying with the product due to the packaging. Too much of a change in the design may lead to confusion and loss of business.

Environmental or Legal Issues: Packaging decisions must also include a careful consideration of the environmental impact, especially for products with packages that require frequent throwing away. More and more businesses are looking for biodegradable means to help the environment, and use of such packaging may lead to customer concern and government action In addition, caution must be exercised in order to create packages that do not infringe on intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks or patents held by others. These points aim at helping you to determine the details on packaging and its significance over saving duty charges.