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    1. Viet Tradings is offline

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      Oct 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Exporting Vitamins and Mineral nutrition UK - Export to South East Asian countries

      I would like to set up a limited company that exports vitamins and mineral nutrients from the UK to South East Asian countries. I am just concerned with suppliers and export rules in the UK, so anyone can tell me what I should do?

      Many thanks in advance.
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    2. WholesaleMod's Avatar
      WholesaleMod is offline

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      Dec 2010
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      United States
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      Hi Viet Tradings,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      As you might already know, any business in the UK needs to register as either a sole trader or a limited company. To read more about registering in the UK, we recommend you have a look at the following thread:

      - Registering as a Sole Trader or Limited Company in the UK - Wholesale Forum

      When exporting any type of foods (this includes Vitamins and Mineral nutrients) outside of the EU, you need to make sure that the products do not have any restrictions on them in the country you will be exporting to. You need to contact the embassy of each target country to get more information about possible restrictions for the products you will be exporting. You can use the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth office) to find embassies from all over the world, have a look at the following link from the FCO: Find an Embassy

      Some non EU countries may require certain food items to be certified by the a UK government authority before they can be exported. The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) will issue Certificates of Free Sale for certain food items being exported to non-EU countries. These certificates state that the products are free from harmful radioactive material, are fit for human consumption and are freely sold in the UK. For more details about this you should contact the RPA directly:

      Certificates of Free Sale Team
      Data Control Centre
      Rural Payments Agency
      Lancaster House
      Hampshire Court
      Newcastle Business Park
      Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 7YH
      Phone: 0191 226 5111
      Email: Certificate.ofFreesale@rpa.gsi.gov.uk
      Website: Rural Payments Agency - GOV.UK

      Which companies will import your products depends on a number of factors:

      Branded or unbranded
      Are your products labelled with your own or another brand, or are they unbranded so that suppliers can label them with their own brand.

      Not processed or Semi processed
      Are your products a finished product or do they need to be processed further by the importing party.

      Depending on the type of product you are looking to export you can start looking for Brands, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and / or Importers of vitamin and mineral nutrition products.

      Have a look at the following importer of vitamins and mineral nutrition:


      If you want to find many more verified suppliers from all over the globe, then we recommend you use eSources (Global) and Worldwide Brands (US, China and Hong Kong SAR). They are the largest global trade directories of verified wholesale suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and drop ship suppliers on the web.

      Have a look at the following results:

      Global suppliers
      - International Vitamins Minerals Suppliers
      - International Vitamins Suppliers
      - International Mineral Nutrition Suppliers

      To learn more about finding verified suppliers you can read the following thread:

      - Wholesale Sources - How To Find Verified Wholesalers and Drop Shippers Instantly

      Hope this helps
      Over 150,000 Verified Sources + Deals 95% Off MSRP + Free Website!

    3. Viet Tradings is offline

      Join Date
      Oct 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      0 Times in 0 Posts
      Many thanks. It is really helpful for me to plan setting up a limited company and running that kind of business. I will do research firstly and then go back to see you.

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