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    1. Vivienne is offline

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      Nov 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Exporting products from UK to Pakistan - International Import and Export

      How hard is to export products from the UK to Pakistan? I have a large shipment I would like to go out to a buyer there, but will only follow through if there are not too many regulations.
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    2. Luis21 is offline

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      Dec 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Like any other exports, you must declare the goods you are sending to Pakistan with HMRC. You also need to keep documents on the exports and a record of the value of your exports.

      You will have to pay duty on your exported goods in Pakistan. To pay this, you will need to get a Commodity Code from HMRC.

      Pakistan is a rapidly growing country with a potential of emerging markets especially in the industries of machinery, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

      It is important to understand how to do business in Pakistan. People are much more formal in this country and all decisions rest with the highest authority in a company. Also, the decision making process is a slow one. Dont back off; instead, be patient in order to create a long term relationship. If you can, make a business visit to the company you are doing business with in Pakistan.
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    3. Thank you for this post:

      ShaeG (18 Nov 2015)

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