Hi,my name is Chris,I come from Guangzhou,China,do the shipping by courier,by air,export the goods from China,the following is my company business brief.
Guangzhou Hurricane express company(http://www.jf-express.com) agent for DHL UPS EMS FEDEX TNT,provide door to door service from China to the World, meanwhile we also do the shipping by air and by sea.
1. we can send document,electronic clothes,handbags and to the world.We do the custom clear in China,and send to hongkong,then transit by Hongkong DHL,we get the special price for USA ,Australia and Europea ,DHL Can send some copy goods.and about 3days arrived Europea,Australia,north of America
the following is our price to the world
above 21kg to Europe : USD7.5/KG above 100KG to Europe: USD6.6/kg,
above 21kg to USA : USD7.3/KG, above 100kg to USA:USD5.3/KG
above 21kg to CANADA: USD7.3/KG,above 100kg to CANADA: USD6/kg
above 21kg to Singapore: USD4.8/KG,above 100KG to Singapore: USD4/KG
By EMS (Post service)
2, EMS can send all the copy goods to the world. it is very safe to send the copy goods by EMS,because EMS has priority to deal with the custom clear.and can quickly release by custom.by ship by EMS,it is a little slowly. Need 7 to 9 days arrived
UPS has good advantage to ship goods from China to USA and Europea. The shipping charge is relatively cheap.
It is cheaper to send the goods from China to Northeast Asia.and very quickly.
If you need courier service from China to the world,or meet some problem to ship the goods,I can help you to deal with it safely and quickly. Welcome to give a call to me,Let me help you.
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