My name is Eddie and I'm from Maryland in the U.S. I have been in business over 15 years operating a number of different types of businesses that interest me.

I've been trying to break into the closeout/overstock business for a few months now, doing all of my research before diving in and making any purchases. I have to say, I am little discouraged, but I won't back down. Every time I find what looks like a decent, reputable company with profitable merchandise, I find negative feedback about them or discover something conflicting about their contact info, identities, web content or company.

I don't give up easily, but I don't trust easily either. I'm hoping that by joining Wholesale Forum, I can network with friends in the same type of business to get advice and recommendations and build relationships that we can value for years to come. I'm looking for high end closeout/overstock merchandise (new with tags or new in box) to buy by the pallet or truckload and I would prefer to be able to visit the facility prior to buying to verify the quality of goods.

I may sound like a difficult person to get along with, but I'm really not, I'm just a cautious businessman with many years of experience in honest and successful business to business dealings and it's going to stay that way. Once I'm able to build my trust for a company, I'll be a long term customer and friend.

Feel free to message me any time if you are a forum member or represent a legitimate company that will check out with an excellent or A+ rating. I will check you out, your company, company details, reviews for your company anything I can find. By the way, has anyone dealt with or know anything about

Thanks all and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.