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    1. viktoriya is offline

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      Aug 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Making a profit through eBay selling


      I have been trying to sell some staff on ebay(clothes,shoes,cosmetic) but it seems I can not do any profit.

      I found so many wholesale sites but every time I look at ebay someone else is selling it cheaper.

      I can not understand how the sellers on ebay make a profit when they sell it so cheap.Probably they buy their items on very low price.But from where?

      I bought 3-4 wholesale lists from ebayers.The prices are really cheaper then in the shop and if you have your own then you can make a good profit.But on ebay is very hard.Things like branded lipgloss which in the shop is £4-£5 I can sell only for £1+£0.65 delivery.That is not good for me.

      Can someone advice me what can I do to make the things better?Someone with experience.I know that the things are slow in the beginning.But it would be nice to recommend me some good wholesalers!

      Thank you very much!
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    2. WholesaleForum's Avatar
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      United States
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      Here is a simple question for you.

      Would you rather go fishing in a pond with 1000 fish and 2000 fishermen? Or in a pond with 100 fish and 10 fishermen?

      This is really what it boils down to. eBay is misunderstood by many resellers. It's a marketing and stock control tool:

      1. Marketing: eBay has a lot of buyers visiting the site regularly. But so does Google, Bing, Yahoo, a strategically positioned physical store, a website with high search engine rankings, and so on. Always remember that you are not selling on eBay to sell on eBay, but to attract sales that make you a profit.

      If eBay costs you, let's say, £5 per sale on average, for an average per sale profit of £6; and Google Adwords (just an example) costs you £7 per sale, but with an average per sale profit of £10, it is obvious that Google Adwords would be a better route to market for you. Google Adwords is just an example, another example is Google Product Search, which is growing in popularity and is free. You will need to test which platform gives you the best return, and not just the highest number of sales.

      The cliche is: turnover is vanity, profit is sanity. Aim for profit, not just for higher sales. Use eBay to build up a customer base, survey those customers to learn what their interests are, what they would like to see in your eBay store, on your website etc. This will give you priceless market research data that can only be gathered in time, but that will constitute your competitive advantage against any new competitor trying to enter your market segment. Refer your eBay customers to your website, for example to fill out your customer feedback survey (you could offer a discount coupon off their next purchase from your website in exchange for completing the survey). Or, if you are sending your eBay customers an order confirmation email, or your invoice by email, you could recommend products that complement the product they have purchased from you on eBay (these complementary products can either be other eBay listings or products available through your website).

      2. Stock control: eBay is a great tool to clear stock that has been sitting in your warehouse or storage facility for too long. As a reseller, it is very important that you turnaround your stock quickly, to purchase new stock that is more in line with the latest trends and is therefore likely to earn you a higher return. Sitting on dead stock that doesn't shift is a reseller's doom, you are better off clearing it, even at a loss, to accumulate cash and make space for newer, faster selling stock.

      One way to clear unsold stock is to liquidate it, however you are likely to receive a very low valuation. Instead, you could use eBay to sell dead stock as a loss leader, and use the listings that are selling at a loss to attract buyers to your newer, faster selling products.

      This is why eBay is often priced so low, a lot of the stock sold there lost someone, somewhere a lot of money. Whoever is selling the stock so cheaply either is selling it at a loss, or bought it from a liquidator who purchased it from a bankrupt retailer or as end of line merchandise.

      We hope this helps. Don't force eBay to do what they don't do best. Use them for what they are best at, and find alternatives to maximize your profits.
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