As many of you know, one of the biggest complaints about eBay’s buying and selling policy had to do with the fact that it only helped protect buyers and didn’t do much to protect sellers. Well, eBay has finally made some adjustments to its policy that we at are pretty excited about, and we know you will be too! Below, you will find the policy changes that all sellers need to know about.

1. Reporting Bad Buyers: Buyers have always had the advantage of sharing their thoughts and opinions about sellers, but there wasn’t a way for sellers to do the same. However, that is about to change! By the end of October, 2010, sellers will have the ability to report bad buyers. This information will be evaluated and used by eBay in the same way reports against sellers are used.

2. Prompt Shipping Automatically Earns Sellers 5 Stars: Starting in November, this part of the new policy rewards sellers that ship their items within one day of the cleared payment. According to the policy:

• Sellers must specify the one-day handling time
• They must upload the item’s tracking information into eBay before the end of the next business day
• eBay must receive confirmation that the package arrived to the buyer within four business days

If all these conditions are met, the seller will automatically receive a 5-star rating!

In addition to this, when sellers provide free shipping to buyers and the buyer opts for it, eBay will also give an automatic 5-star rating to the seller.

3. No More Premature Cases Opened by Buyers: There have been numerous reports of buyers opening cases against sellers prematurely, but there wasn’t anything to prevent them from doing so. However, eBay has taken steps to protect sellers from this.

Buyers will be prevented from opening an “item not received” case against sellers when sellers upload tracking information into the system and delivery has been confirmed. However, if you don’t enter tracking information for the item, eBay will allow a “reasonable window of time for delivery” before allowing buyers to open a case against sellers.

4. Duplicate Listings: Starting on October 26, 2010, eBay will be taking action to remove duplicate listings from the system. This will help buyers and sellers alike because it promotes seller fairness and provides buyers with more effective search results.

eBay has created a tool for sellers to utilize for duplicate listings. This tool will show sellers the items that eBay has flagged as duplicate. It will also show sellers which of the duplicate listing has the best visibility. Once listings are flagged as duplicates, sellers have 30 days to correct the problem. If no action is taken by the seller, eBay will leave the listing with the greatest visibility and remove the remaining duplicate listings.

We at are excited that sellers on eBay will have a fair shot with buyers now. The system has been out of whack since they changed the feedback policy, and we hope that these changes will restore balance and help you, our readers, who work so hard to be fair and honest sellers on eBay.