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    1. Copythat is offline

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      Oct 2010
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      United States
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      Drop shipping on eBay - Having Multiple Accounts

      Does ebay allow multiple seller accounts? Will it make any sense to have multiple accounts if I am drop shipping?
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    2. Bill1357's Avatar
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      A lot of people have multiple accounts on eBay. On eBay's site they state that some people have one account for their selling business and one for their buying business. Or some people have one account per product line. The only restriction is that a person cannot set up multiple accounts to avoid buying and selling limits, or other policy restrictions.

      Here are some reasons why multiple accounts may make sense.

      • One account for buying and one account for selling. If you only use one account and you are acquiring your products through eBay, it is pretty easy to find out what you paid for the item you are selling. You are then exposing your profit margin and the buyer will likely be reluctant to give you the price you want.

      • Selling unwanted items. It can make a lot of sense to have an account each for your “premier” items and for selling other stuff you want to get rid of. You may not want the low prices of unwanted items to affect the perceived value of your top-tier goods. The same applies to new and used goods.

      Reasons why you may only want one account:

      • Feedback. This is the lifeline of your account and the sooner you are able to get a great reputation for good customer service, the better. With multiple accounts you may be working more to get all the feedback you need.

      • Suspensions and banning. If you violate eBay’s terms of service (TOS) on one account, it will affect all of your accounts. You should stay within the TOS and having multiple accounts may tempt you to push the limits and you may not care if just one of your accounts gets suspended. Getting your accounts reinstated can be troublesome.

      eBay allows drop shipping but they list multiple reasons why it can be troublesome. These are good things to keep in mind when you are drop shipping on eBay.

      • Out of stock leads to bad feedback. It is all too common that drop ship suppliers claim they have a product in stock but when an order is placed, they do not have it. This is a common way of getting bad feedback on your eBay account and it can be hard to recover from. Confirm your source has plenty of stock before composing a listing.

      • Pay pal may hold your funds. If you list drop shipping as your method of sourcing products, pay pal and eBay have a policy for holding your buyer’s funds until the buyer receives the product and leave positive feedback or if 21 days go by without negative feedback. This prevents the strategy some sellers employ of using the buyer’s order funds to go and purchase the goods. As you can imagine, some unscrupulous sellers would just pocket the money and not deliver the goods.

      • Your source may be directly competing with you. You may be selling electronics on eBay and using a drop ship strategy, but take a close look and you may see your supply selling in the listing right under yours, and at a lesser price. It is hard to compete with your supplier; so become very familiar with the marketplace.

      • It is hard to make a profit when buying just one item to drop ship. Make sure the pricing from your source allows enough margins for you.
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