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      Best Way To Use Your Ebay About Me Page To Make Money

      Resellers, auctioneers, and wholesalers using eBay miss out on a vital page for linking. This guide aims to help you use your eBay About Me page to its full potential. Used by many online business owners, few know that eBay users are allowed to place links to non-eBay URLs via the About Me page on the website. A great tool for using affiliate marketing techniques, you can draw optimum exposure through this option. Use the page to add profit-making affiliate programs, and monetize this free web page to its greatest potential.

      Ventures like eBay work on partnership programs that allow you to link to related business products and services. A simple give-and-take business strategy, you can easily strategize the page to start sending business links and make added profits.

      How to Use the About Me Page on EBay

      Following are the steps to help you start an affiliate program from the About me page:

      Step 1

      Before you start adding anything to the About Me page, try to grasp eBay’s policy on linking from the page. You are not allowed to link to other auction sites, or sites offering the same merchandise and goods at lower prices, or sites offering merchandise not allowed on eBay. Check out eBay’s help section for the entire policy in detail.

      Step 2

      EBay users may click on your About Me page to read in detail about your business and services. Use this page to creatively add monetizing links for them to click on; these links will make money for you. The easiest affiliate programs to promote are programs for eBay third-party services, such as template design sites, research tool sites, or auction sniper sites. You can also add products and services related to your business that are not a direct threat to your business.

      Step 3

      The online affiliate business is buzzing with hundreds of affiliate options. One such option is ClickBank, where you can find thousands of information products that you can be an affiliate for. Try to be specific in the area of linking; as a sound business policy, try linking to affiliate products that relate to your product line. This is important as you will be cross-selling or up-selling a product to customers who are interested in the products listed on your store. One good example is, if you are selling handicraft products items on eBay, add information on products about the handicraft industry or associations related to handicraft through affiliate links.

      Step 4

      Try to find out about different affiliate programs related to your business and products, avoiding direct competition. You can also visit e-Junkie for a wide variety of information products to promote.

      Step 5

      A common mistake business owners make is overcluttering the About Me page with links. Be diligent. Choose the links carefully, and keep in mind the customer and what he or might be interested in from your product page. Clever use of affiliate links can lead to profits. Also, keep a tab of different affiliate programs, and keep updating after regular reviews of products and services. Fine-tuning will help you keep in touch with evaluating the links.

      Step 6

      Check different resources for more information on novel ways to make money with eBay.

      Effectively linking the About Me page on eBay can lead you to target additional income from affiliate programs and for building credibility, for your buyers are sure to look through your business details. A sensible About Me page is a big turn on for successful business tactics.
      Over 150,000 Verified Sources + Deals 95% Off MSRP + Free Website!

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      abargains (21 Apr 2011)

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