Hi folks

Im new to this forum so I would like to introduce myself by way of a little story...

I've been drop-shipping for years and have found it very lucrative, however there is a major cost that I really found annoying and that was marketing, I know we all have to do it but Im so tight I just don't like paying for it.

With CPC and CPM prices soaring sometimes I think is it really worth doing it by the time I'd paid, hosting, payment gateway fees etc etc ?

I found that very little was left for me so I sat down for a couple of years drooling at Facebook and those 100s of millions of potential customers thinking how could I get my teeth into them?

There is not a company yet not even Facebook themselves that have managed to really find the fuse to ignite Facebook from a social network to a social trading network which guys and girls like us really want .

So to cut a long story short after sitting down and slamming back 3 million expressos, 100 million ciggies, giving a patent lawyer a nervous break down and about half a million $ later I came up with an idea, one so simple it fitted so, ever so snugly into Facebook it could be that fuse...

Basically if you can offer a discount, leave the rest to us, we take that discount and apply some beautiful social commercially delicious magic to it and flaunt it to the user base of Facebook and ask Facebook members to sell your items for you while all you have to do as a supplier is pack and deliver or in the case of drop-shippers post the order on...

We launch on 4th July 2011 in the USA and as a promotion you can try it free, list 100 items, sell 100 of those items up to the value of $250 per item and bulk upload them just by filing out a CSV file....Free for a limited period only but there is a catch.....Offer no discount and you won't be listed, we recommend 10%, if all you have to do is list and let Facebook members do the selling you don't really have much to lose especially if your working on margins over 15% which I'm sure most of you are???

If you want to try it go to this site www.bz2.bz fill out the form, we will verify you, if verified you can have the package described here to try for free.

If you want to wait and see look out for Afilly8 on Facebook, I hope to be seeing you very soon