Hi all,

I need some reference relating to small businesses. I am building a business electronics store in my house and just started one year ago. I am selling laptops, cell phones and tablets etc. I will supply to local residents. But this time I just source items from my country. I think that if I take supply from major suppliers then I will get more profit.

I am new to the internet and have no idea about how to start a business and how to search dropship suppliers. So I decided to joined Wholesale Forum with the aim of getting more information.

I'm from Indonesia (java, bali, lombok). I will be looking for major dropship suppliers which are not far from my house, to reduce shipping costs. Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China but I would not rule out dealing with dropship suppliers in Europe and US. I have got a few names, but I'm not sure, whether they have good reputation.

Here are list of sites which I have:


I hesitate to take steps to China, it really has a bad reputation. If anyone has more information or experience doing transactions, please share your inputs. I don't want to take hasty steps and must be selective in choosing a dropship supplier, so that my business can truly flourish.

I hope to receive accurate information to help me.

Thank you so much