Hi everyone,

I’m completely new to the whole Dropshipping idea and I’ve made a tiny bit of success from Dropshipping small things from Amazon to eBay, but I really want to find some FREE dropshippers out there who can give some really low prices for the items I want to sell – that way I can surely make more of a profit!

I do have a few already which I have signed up for, and I want to find some others which are UK based, don’t cost a thing to be a member, and have really low prices with great shipping costs and times too. It seems very rare that all of those things can be found in a single dropshipper which is why I’m asking everyone for advice!

The next thing is obviously what sorts of things I want to sell, and to be honest, up until a few days ago I didn’t have a clue. I’ve decided on a few different things really:

1) Jewellery
2) Home Dcor / Kitchen / Bathroom things
3) Phones or tablets

If anyone can give me any advice on the BEST selling things to try and drop ship, along with the BEST possible free sites out there which offer free membership, low prices, low shipping costs etc. and are based in the UK that would be fantastic! There are plenty on Google but I honestly have no idea which ones are the best or even whether they are worth my time or are genuine.

Ideally I need a site which lets me place the order after I get the sale on eBay, and provides a hassle free solution to drop shipping so I can make a decent profit!

Any help guys?