Yeah, that’s one of the advantages. There are others though, for example using a dropshipper means that you can track your inventory levels easily, provided that your dropshipper provides you with accurate stock levels on a regular basis. You can also manage your items a lot more easily. For instance, you can set barcodes for them, you can add the same item to different eBay sites and you’ll get shipping labels for all your products.

But I think it’s important to note that in terms of inventory management, a dropshipper isn’t always the best way to do business on eBay. In fact, a lot of people end up running at a loss, mainly because they aren’t clear about how much the dropshipper is going to cost them. The main drawbacks are:

• Your profits are going to be lower than if you were managing your own inventory

• You’re going to be dealing with extra fees. You need to be absolutely clear and ok with the charges and other fees you’ll be working with when you hire a dropshipper

• You have no control over the inventory. This is an important issue when you really consider what this means. You won’t know if the order is properly filled, if it’s shipped out correctly, etc. When you personally deal with your own inventory, this isn’t an issue at all

• If the product is returned, you have to foot the shipping cost of sending and returning the item.

• If there are already a number of the same dropship items on eBay, you’re going to be selling in an environment that may already be saturated

• You also need to be careful about pseudo dropship companies which are actually pyramid schemes used to bring in new recruits