OK this is for drop shippers or anyone else interested in taking watermarks off web pics for the purpose of resale. A graphic designer friend taught me these tricks and they’re quite handy.

First off what is a watermark? It’s writing or a logo that appears on top of an image. Sometimes websites will watermark images they wish to “own”. One way to remove this is by using the Photoshop “clone stamp tool”, so if you have photoshop you can proceed to the next step. If you don’t have photoshop installed you can check out pixlr.com/editor/ you’ll find a web based version of it there for free with the tools you’ll need.

Now an easy solution if the watermark is on the edge of the image is to just crop the image. The crop tool looks like a squished square and should appear in the top left corner of your tool bar (the vertical one with all the little icons). Use the crop tool to select what part of the image you’d like to keep, click, drag, release. Hit Enter. Cropped.

If the watermark is in a place you don’t wish to crop, another alternative is the clone stamp tool. Make sure you have a clear view of the area around your watermark. Zoom in to get a closer look. Next select the clone stamp tool. It looks like a stamp, and it’s part of the vertical tool bar menu on the left side of the screen. If you’re unfamiliar with this tool I suggest practicing with it on another image first. When you’re ready to remove the watermark, hold CTRL and click next to your watermark. This will clone whatever you’ve clicked on to your stamp. Release CTRL and click on your watermark to stamp it. You should find what you copied now replaces a piece of your watermark. Stamp away until you’ve painted over your watermark. Remember you can adjust the stamp’s size as you would adjust brush size to suit your needs. You may need to zoom in and use the paint brush to touch up the image for it to look believable.