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    1. PMoore81 is offline

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      Sep 2019
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Dropshipping Newbie

      Hi there my names Paul, I'm a father of 4 from Scotland who works full time. I have been researching the world of dropshipping and looking to get started but was looking for a place with some helpful people who could maybe help along the way.

      I came across your forums, which im delighted about.

      my intention is to find suppliers who support drop shipping and sell these goods using ebay.

      I have found esources.co.uk and find nothing but positive reviews which is promising, i was unsure whether to pay for the 6 month membership which would allow me access to the list of dropshipping suppliers.

      Can anyone advise, when you have access to these suppliers, it is as simple as finding products you would be keen to sell, contacting them for rates and then from there you can agree to sell these on a unit by unit rate ?

      Can i firstly apologise if my lack of knowledge comes across as ignorant, i have been trying to find impartial advice and support online but with so many scammers out there i have been unsure what is true and what is a scam

      any help/support in getting started would be greatly appreciated, i am not looking to become a millionaire or own a boat, just a dad looking to get another couple of hundred pounds through the door every so often to make life a little easier

      thanks in advance everyone
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    2. MissWholesale's Avatar
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      Mar 2012
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      United Kingdom
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      Dear Paul,

      Thank you for your message. Drop shipping can work, provided you approach it correctly. When you drop ship, you know from the outset that price isn't going to be your unique selling point. Suppliers naturally will not supply single unit orders at the same rate applied to buyers who purchase in large quantities.

      Therefore, the four best strategies when drop shipping are:

      1. Choose products that are not easily comparable on price, such as unbranded home decor items, unbranded outdoors gear and equipment, unbranded furniture and so on.
      2. Managing each order for stock you do not hold will be a little more demanding than if you controlled the stock yourself. Choose items with a high per unit selling price, to ensure your efforts are justified. Think of products that retail for £/$ 500 or more
      3. Partner with suppliers who apply a pricing restriction, meaning that they require all their resellers to advertise their products at no less than their restriction price. This ensures that their resellers compete on reach rather than price.
      4. Become proficient in Google PLA, Facebook and Instagram advertising and in content marketing. As a drop shipper, they are your holy grail to low cost and viral traffic.

      eSources.co.uk was established in 2004, it is probably the largest resource of verified suppliers and drop shippers on the web. They also offer custom sourcing assistance to ensure that your specific requirements are tailored for.
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    3. Thank you for this post:

      JameDang (24 Jan 2020)

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