I know how it feels when you first starting your online business, It is always a bit scary. But the truth is that drop-shipping for an internet business is a lot less risky than the same for any land business.

However this does not mean that you can sleep peacefully on your first day at work. You have to work hard, most of which includes concentrated research on your product and wholesalers and overseeing the whole thing.

1. Most important factor you must decide is what to sell. There are an incredible number of products worldwide that have great demands. But you can sell only that product which appeals to you. Somewhere in the middle of your passion and the world's needs lies your perfect product. Choose wisely. This is when research comes in.

Say you enjoy reading about candles a lot but have never made them. Then probably making candles is not a good option, you should stick to doing something that you can do, like selling fitness equipments.

2. Search for a reliable cheap drop ship supplier. There are many drop ship agents, so it is advisable consult a drop ship review site to find out which supplier offers the best deal.
Review sites are very important because they also contain names of gem suppliers, who offer you better deals than the featured drop shippers. Try to go for a drop shipper that provides the service of warehousing and free shipping.

3. Pay attention to the reputation of the drop shipper, how long he has been in business, what his products are like. You also have to find out how soon a drop shipper can deliver products to specific locations, this knowledge is integral to the health of your business.

4. Once you know that, you can set up your site, your system and the customer expectation accordingly. Try to go for drop shipper who does not get stuck on minimum orders. A reliable drop shipper will never request you to order a minimum of 100 units! Although some really good drop shipper will have such terms and condition, very often I found out you can negotiate for a better deal if they are genuinely good.

5. It is always better to be honest. So if you are using a drop shipper, inform your customers you are doing so. They should know that their products will be shipped directly to them from the suppliers.

6. Lastly never let go of your customers on the good faith of drop-shippers. Always maintain connection with them. If the product is likely to arrive a little late, always inform them. This is how you build goodwill. I could not stress how powerful this is.

Keep these few tips in mind while selecting the services of a drop shipper.

All The Best!