This is Andy from Guangzhou, China. I am purchasing specialist with 5 years experience in electronic products. I can handle all things from sourcing factory, factory audit, quotation, sample to inspection till shipment.

What can I do for you if choose me as your sourcing agent in China?

1. Source and develop new factory/supplier in China.

2. Source newest, creative products from existing factory in the market.

3. Negotiate order terms include best price, quality, delivery time, package requirement and warranty.

4. Audit and visit factory include production line, production capability, production equipment, test equipment, quality control system, ability of research and development etc.

5. Analyze and check product cost, negotiate reasonable price with supplier, discuss and communicate with designer, engineer, raw material supplier and production department on how to reduce cost and find the best solution for new products and projects.

6. Monitor supplier's performance from material preparation, online production, online quality check, inspection to final shipment. Ensure all standard of product quality and lead time can meet your requirements.

7. Follow up the development of sample, arrange, test prepare and collect samples.

8. Go to factory for inspection and arrange express company or air or sea for shipment on time.

9. Handle and solve some problem such as product reworking or defective products etc.

Please contact me, if you have any questions or requirement in sourcing or importing goods from China, I will be willing to help you and share my experiences with you.

My email: lkglcd@yahoo.cn