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    1. leedavies15 is offline

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      Dec 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      UK Design Rights for China Imports

      Good evening all,

      Hope you're all well!

      Hopefully somebody here would be able to advise me on the following...

      Basically, after visiting a China Manufacturer recently I noticed a product which they had recently designed which has been done in a totally unique way from any of the current products in its category.

      I really think this item would sell very well in the UK as its so different from the existing products I've seen (even after researching) and so I was wondering if there was any way I could protect its design here once I import and start selling?

      I know I could ask the manufacturer if I could stick my brand on it and register that name as a trademark etc but would that just protect the name or the actual look and feel of the item too? The main problem is that I am not the original designer, as the manufacturer is, but with it being unique I would like some way to protect it if possible incase it did well and a big retailer decided to just create something with the same look.

      Would I have to ask the Chinese manufacturer for sole distribution rights, or ask to buy the design rights etc or would this be worthless in the UK?

      Finally, could I be protected in the UK just by being first to market with a brand that looks like that, which I really think I could be?

      Again, even though the actual design was not originally done by me in China...

      Hope this all makes sense and hope somebody knows the answer

      Cheers all!

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    2. Thank you for this post:

      Tite003 (18 Dec 2011)

    3. SGPTrader is offline

      Join Date
      Dec 2011
      1 Time in 1 Post
      Just don't tell people which factory you got from
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