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    1. Ali111 is offline

      Join Date
      Sep 2014
      1 Time in 1 Post

      Newbie to Importation Business - Looking to Import Goods from China - Need Advice


      I am new to the importation business and have a few questions for you pro-importers.

      I am currently looking to buy lots of products from China, but the problem is FOB price. What should I do then, if I want to ship them to my door? Should I use a courier (FedEx/UPS/DHL), as it is packages around 50 kg.

      And do they clear the customs for me?

      I would appreciate an answer from you.

      Thank you very much.
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      vincentyang (24 Sep 2014)

    3. IMEX Sourcing Services's Avatar
      IMEX Sourcing Services is offline

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      Aug 2011
      9 Times in 6 Posts
      Hi Ali,

      Free on Board means that the seller fulfills his obligation to deliver when the goods have passed over the ship's rail at the named port of shipment. The buyer has to bear all costs and risks of loss of or damage to the goods from that point. FOB terms require the seller to clear the goods for export.
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    4. newfrog is offline

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      Oct 2014
      United States
      United States
      0 Times in 0 Posts

      Rated this thread:

      I think you should demand the sellers to delivery your items with tracking in case of the risk of loss or damage. if you choose a good good logistics methods, it won't loss your package.In general, Chinese seller choose the shipping method based on your demand and the local logistic of your country, and the FedEx/UPS/DHL are a little expensive, Chinese always use China post with track, which is also very safe and don't need the extra charge, I am also a Chinese and sell different kinds of product on newfrog.com, so you will get understand when you buy items several times!

    5. experience is offline

      Join Date
      Dec 2012
      United States
      United States
      51 Times in 35 Posts
      If you have bought at the right price from a real manufacturer and not a wholesaler you will be able to bear the cost of door to door air courier service.

      I think a single 50kg parcel would be above China Post's weight limit per package.

      Imex has explained FOB, but you don't want that. You want door to door, so you either use an air courier door to door service, and yes that does include customs clearance, otherwise you get your local freight forwarder to arrange door to door air freight for you including clearance.

      I doubt that a forwarder will do better than one of the courier services.
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