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    1. xploit is offline

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      Sep 2011
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      Importing problems with quality from China - Drop shippers of consumer electronics

      Hello everyone.

      I am a seller in Portugal, I use Tinydeal.com to sell to my portugueses clients, but unfortunately I have been increasingly disappointed with their service every 10 orders I do I have sure that almost 5 orders will be send are damaged and thus I can not provide quality service to my clients, I have an extensive list of clients, I have my own seller website that I did to sell tinydeal produtcs in Portugal, but I want to be a professional and I want to give my customers guaranteed quality on products I sell.

      You can not imagine the times I've asked the company / site tinydeal.com to check the orders before send it to my customers, I even tell them that I paid more but please verify if that phone or EPAD for example is really working well before sending .. ultimately not worth it, sooner or later Tinydeal will send defective products to my customers and this will destroy my client list quickly.

      My sales market is all kind of Chinese Mobile phones DualSIM, trisim, quadrsim, android, windows mobile, and so on.

      My idea would be to get someone from China with trust, check the orders in China, if the product is really working check if everything works perfectly, things like wifi for example, software errors, and after checking send to my clients, I sell to my customers normally 1 unit 2 units, I dont buy bulk orders

      Do you have any idea where I can start?
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    2. WholesaleMod's Avatar
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      Dec 2010
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      United States
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      Hi Xploit,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      When using any drop shipper you should check the quality of the products you are selling regularly. You should order samples and see them firsthand, the items you have in your possession can be sent to your customers when your drop ship suppliers fails to ship the orders, you can also replace broken items quickly if your customer send you the broken item. These items can also be used to create your own quality custom product pictures to post online.

      If your supplier is not delivering quality products regularly, then we recommend finding yourself a new supplier. Please have a look at the following Chinese and Hong Kong SAR drop shippers:

      - Wholesale Electronics and Dropshipping from China
      - Wholesale Electronics - China Wholesale - Worldwide Dropshipping From China

      Hong Kong SAR:
      - CRD
      - Discovery International Trading Limited | Profiting Your Business

      If you want to get access to many more, already verified, drop ship suppliers of consumer electronics to safely trade with then we recommend using eSources and Worldwide Brands. They are the largest verified trade directories of wholesale distributors, manufacturers and drop ship suppliers online.

      Here are some results from eSources:

      eSources - Chinese Drop Ship Suppliers of Electronics
      - China Electronics Dropshippers and Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers - Chinese Electronics Wholesale Dropshipper & Dropshipping Directory

      eSources - Hong Kong SAR Drop Ship Suppliers of Electronics
      - Hong Kong SAR Electronics Dropshippers and Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers - Hongkonger Electronics Wholesale Dropshipper & Dropshipping Directory

      Hope this helps
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