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    1. jon2121 is offline

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      Jul 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      First Shipment Order from Chinese Manufacturer - Newbie Needs Help and Advice


      Just looking for some factual advice about shipping small product purchased from China. I would like advice from first timers or people who have been doing so, at least for 2 years. How easy or hard did they find dealing with the chosen supplier or manufacture at the beginning, what did they consider when the manufactures FOB was their local port. As most, all new starters will not place orders in quantities to fill a freight container, how did you overcome this etc.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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    2. nadiaeagle is offline

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      Jul 2014
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Hi Jon,

      As a first time importer, it is important that you are completely aware of the charges involved in your shipment. I work for a freight forwarding company, Eagle Cargo Services, based in London and we often find that although a supplier can offer good freight rates, when the cargo reaches the UK unadvised additional costs quickly rocket! I would suggest shipping FOB as it puts you in more control. For smaller consignments for example 1 - 4 packages sending by courier is most cost effective. If your purchase is large enough to fill several pallets FOB would be strongly recommended. If you are interested in receiving a quote or seeking further information, please feel free to drop me a mail at *Visible to qualifying WF members only*

      Hope I can be of help

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