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    1. dudleypipe is offline

      Join Date
      Mar 2012
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Consolidating samples from numerous Chinese suppliers


      Newbie here, please go easy on me

      I recently met quite a lot of chinese suppliers at a trade show. Sadly they didn't have samples we could take as we had to leave the show early and they needed them to exhibit until the end of the show.

      So, I need to order several samples from several different factories. When I've dipped my toe in the water, previously even for a small item, the chinese like to send by DHL or similar and that costs a LOT.

      Instead I thought about asking all of them to deliver inland to a chinese company who would consolidate all the samples into one package, and then we just pay the one shipping charge.

      Does such a company exist? What should I be looking for?

      KInd Regards
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    2. Dipper is offline

      Join Date
      Jan 2012
      Hong Kong SAR
      Hong Kong SAR
      7 Times in 5 Posts
      Yeah, it is pretty standard for the people at fair not to provide samples, although some will do it at the end of the fair. If they gave them out to all that asked, many would not have anything to exhibit. especially as there are a lot of "professional samplers" (couldn't think of a better name) who just ask for anything that looks good with no intention to place an order later.

      I do know your concern though.
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    3. lynn3927 is offline

      Join Date
      Apr 2012
      0 Times in 0 Posts
      What are your cargos and where are they? Now in China many logistic companies don't want to do bulk-cargos because it takes time and makes little profit. I'm a member of a logistic company. If you need some help perhaps I can help you contact some freight angencies. And I think the idea that you want to take some samples from the fair is impractical.

    4. IMEX Sourcing Services's Avatar
      IMEX Sourcing Services is offline

      Join Date
      Aug 2011
      9 Times in 6 Posts

      We would be happy to help with this, if you can PM me some more details about the nature of products.
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