Hi Everyone,

Glad to see hot discussing here, first welcome to China, it's a beautiful land full of exciting events.

My name is Ken, from Shenzhen City, near Hong Kong in south of China.

Generally, some of basic procedures for business meeting with us:

1) Say hi or hello, nice to meet you
2) Shake hand as you usually do
3) For business, you should exchange name card
4) Most people have an English name, so just call him or her by name card
5) For Chinese, we usually dress black and white, with tie for a formal business meeting (especially the first time). If not the fist time, then it doesn't matter if you have business suit or not, but should be clear, good looking
6) Finally, chat in meeting room and sit around a table, as you see from most trade show

Remember, we Chinese will see you off after the meeting, or will help take you back to your hotel or airport.

So....don't worry and we are nice people as you guys!

I hope this suggestion helps