A Need for Intimacy

Perhaps most humorous is the often heard complaint that IT customers are “solutionizing” – coming to IT with solutions before the problem has been fully defined. But this is merely the result of years of conditioning. IT already wants “the business” to spell out exactly what they need and the priority with which IT should work – why not just tell them exactly how to solve the problem as well?

It is clear that there must be another approach.

The first step in identifying a new approach to bridging the divide between IT and “the business - Outbound and Inbound Call Center” is to recognize that the business doesn’t care about any of the technology. They only want the benefit that the technology can provide. They recognize that in the new era of business, technology is not only a business enabler, it is often the source of competitive advantage and perceived customer value. But that doesn’t mean that they want to understand the intricacies of the technology itself.