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      Zero to Hero - How a home based start up generated over 3 millions in just one year

      In this thread I want to introduce an incredible success story of a start up business that was able to use wholesale and drop shipping to its fullest potential to generate incredible returns in a very short time.

      This year, after just 1 year of trading, a home based online retailer has managed to generate over £3 million in online sales using a little known drop shipper. I want to share their success story with you, and explain how they have achieved this result in such a short time. But first, I want to start by introducing some ideas which you may not be aware of.

      The main issue that you face today is that the web is flooded with wholesale and drop shipping scams. Almost anywhere you turn you will find someone promising you to earn this or that, and you will struggle to figure out who is being truthful. This is why this thread is about a real life success story, no gimmicks. The story of a business that was able to build an online empire using limited resources, a good plan, the right sources and a will to succeed.

      The key to their success is rooted in the following principles:

      1. Focus on a niche
      2. Never pay to have your products drop shipped
      3. Find the right supplier
      4. Set up an ecommerce site focused on your niche

      These principles must be followed rigorously if your aim is to be successful:

      1. Focus on a niche. Finding a niche is not as complicated as you may think, it can be a broad niche to start with (for example, children's toys), which can then be narrowed down to sub-niches (infant toys, toddlers' toys, pre-school toys, Montessori toys etc). You can target all these sub-niches at once, the important thing is that you focus on one main niche and dominate that market.

      2. Never pay to have your products drop shipped. If you do what everyone else is doing (which is usually buying an expensive drop shipping site from a supplier everyone else is using) you are destined for failure. Firstly, because any supplier asking for money is guaranteed to be an overpriced middleman, and secondly because you will have lots of other competitors doing exactly the same thing.

      3. Find the right supplier. You are now left with the seemingly insurmountable task of finding the right sources. You may not know this but, virtually all online lists of suppliers feature as many as 90% scammers, simply because real drop shippers are not pro-active about promoting their drop ship services. They want you to come to them, and with the right proposal. This makes finding trustworthy wholesale and drop shipping sources for your business very costly. Many traders have told me that finding their best distributors has taken years and, in most cases, they had to endure getting scammed many times along their path. You can avoid all that pain.

      4. Set up an ecommerce site focused on your niche. This can be done free today. Many sites will try to ask you to pay for hosting, for a website, and whatever else. You can obtain very advanced ecommerce solutions for free today, yes FREE.

      So how did this online retailer achieve over £3 million turnover in just over a year? Simple, they used what we class as today's single best source of wholesalers and drop shippers on the web.

      Full details of this success story are revealed here, with a clear blueprint of how you can replicate the success of this retailer, and a step by step guide on exactly what you need to do to make online resale work for you, plus:

      - Free Case Study: How an online retailer has generated over £3million turnover (full case study available to yearly members).
      - Access to the Internet's largest database of verified wholesalers and drop shippers
      - Over 140,000 verified wholesalers, distributors, importers and manufacturers
      - Over 3,000 verified drop shippers
      - Free Courses on how to source and succeed on eBay (£67 value)
      - Free eCommerce Website with free hosting for life included, ready to accept PayPal and Google Checkout payments (£100 value)
      - Free eBay Business Handbook with yearly membership
      - Free eBay Market Research Credits

      Members Feedback:
      - "A huge edge over other directories." Richard Robertson, London, UK
      - "am finding sources I would never have found" Simone Chalmers, Orkney, UK
      - "amazed at the amount of information now available to me" Pat Dawkins, Haverhill, UK
      - "by far the best." Emma Turville, UK
      - "the service and response has been impeccable" Darryn Rex, Woodstock, UK
      - "It has been very hard trying to find a stable and professional wholesale directory" Rahul Odedra, Ashford, UK
      - "after one year looking for the real deal through other sources to no avail, I found them in one week thanks to you" Chris Cook, Milborne Port, UK
      - "just what I was needing to take my ebay shop forward" Jeanette Rae, Stranraer, UK
      - "invaluable ... a big thank you" Denise Laurence, Lewisham, UK
      - "best thing I have ever done. Although I have been in business since 1993 and have many contacts, your service is well worth it" Graham Townsend, Norwich, UK
      - "absolutely fantastic" Andrew Lockett, Pontefract, UK
      - "your service is outstanding" Kevin Kearney, Castlerea, Ireland
      - "absolutley delighted. In 10 days I have researched, ordered and started selling! Great resource!" Christine Hepworth, Huddersfield, UK
      - "the best decision I have made for my business" Shammas Raza, Keighley, UK
      - "10 out of 10 ... the most comprehensive directory of wholesalers and dropshippers I have come across" Paul Matty Martin, Ilford, UK
      - "for me the Best ... has more of everything I've been looking for ... easier to use and easier to organize." Patricia Schultz, Blessing, USA
      - "I have found to be the best wholesale directory yet ... thanks for a great website" Justeen Higgins, Nottingham, UK
      - "has made my business a lot more profitable" Muhammed Babajide, London, UK
      - "the most dynamic and comprehensive wholesale directory I have come across on the internet ... well done" Jerome Meikle, Bromley, UK
      - "your sources are brilliant" Andrew Lockett, Pontefract, UK

      Read More Testimonials Here
      Want To Be An eBay Powerseller?
      This is the Service You Need.

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