For most entrepreneurs, the dream of a successful business is a part of the process backed by the desire to spend quality time with family and friends. Often, the two are the counterparts of each other.

Starting a business is the result of a dream. The dream of business ownership comes with a freedom that you are the one in command of your own life. You are making all the choices to do what you want, when you want, and how you want. You are the boss of yourself, totally in command of it all.

For plenty of start-up companies, the dream also intertwines with family life. More and more, an individual wanting to improve family life is a main reason to start a business. Men and women, even though itís more women, wanting to operate a business from home to stay close to the children.

These are magical dreams, the motivation to become independent, and they want to be closer to family. These dreams are rich enough to drive people past their breaking point in high-risk situations. And honestly, there is a high probability that their dreams will come true when cornered in a tight place. The Small Business Administration numbers say that most businesses will fail within five years of launching. Home-based businesses have a greater chance of succeeding by about five percent.

I think these numbers do not apply to every situation. I know plenty of people who are running a profitable business that have started, failed, and started again without popping up on a government list. These people are freelancers that work from home without a license. They donít require you to empty out your bank account to launch, and they can be pretty successful for years without giving up and getting a job.

Even businesses that become very profitable can fail to meet expectations of the entrepreneur. For those who always aim to satisfy a dream upon a dream of a family-based home business, there is an added amount of financial risk and work-life pressure. Itís easy to get yourself caught up in things with less time for family while the business succeeds.

Yeah, youíre in a room full of kids, but youíre on the phone and the computer all day. And you still donít have all the time in the world to get things right. Running a business is a constant, grueling workout that requires lengthy amounts of concentration, an experience that takes away from raising children. When you integrate your dream with family life you increase the chance of failure by tenfold.

Another slayer of dreams appears in the form of success that traps you in the business. Very few will launch a company with a goal of becoming super rich. Most entrepreneurs take the chance of a higher personal goal Ė they want to become free; they also want a challenge. Money is just a measure of success instead of the result of it. So as your business grows, you will become wealthy while you fight to achieve your ultimate dream.

In order for your business to grow, it requires you to partition out a percentage of control to create enough capital. The first phase will leave you in total control, but suddenly you have to report to investors. The second phase most likely leaves you without control. At this point, you will become an employee that can be fired like before. The move from the owner to the employee can crush your dreams of business ownership, and the idea it symbolizes.

The dream of operating a successful business and operating it like a pro is a hard thing to accomplish. A lot of dreams are not easy ideas. You must change to meet the situations. Your freedom today can become a prison tomorrow. It will help you along the way to realize this intricate equation when you start your adventure.