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      Working With A New Freight Company

      Knowing what to factor in when you finally decide to go with a certain freight company is totally different if you’re running someone else’s business. It’s different picking a freight supplier if you’re the actual owner of your small business. Going with what feels right can have a disastrous consequences for your business and with your suppliers and customers.

      When you’re shopping around for a freight company, there’s a lot of stuff to think about. Always see everything as clearly as you can. Here are a few things that you should look out for, if you’re looking to work with a new freight company.

      • When you’re looking at a potential candidate, you want to look for someone who will go above and beyond the call of duty. You want someone who will do the best for the least amount of cash. Because the money you have is blood, sweat and tears in paper form. The great news is that you can find solid companies at a fair price, so that you don’t have to feel iffy about the quality and price of services offered.

      • You need someone who you can trust to handle your expensive goods so that nothing gets ‘lost’ while in route.

      • Do they fit into my budget? This is a huge factor when it comes to which company you’re going to choose.

      • What are you shipping? If it’s something that requires a lot of car, such as fruits and veggies, glass materials, artifacts, or antiques, or just something in that general area, you’re going to have to go with someone who’s highly experienced in this kind of shipping.

      • What’s the turnaround time? Or, when will my goods arrive at my warehouse so I can sell it to my customers? Sure, if you’re thinking about shipping by air instead of sea or rail, then you need your merchandise yesterday. But keep in mind that different freight companies have different delivery times and policies that affect how quickly your order arrives.

      • Are they timely? The best freight companies will make it entire process of shipping your goods seem like a smooth process. They’re highly flexible with their terms. They follow a protocol that ensures redundancy. They give you the honest truth. They’ll do everything in their power to make sure you continue to run your business the way you want it.

      • What are my shipping options? Will the prices ever change? If so, what perks come with the increase in price?

      • How resourceful are they? The greater their network, the easier it is for the freight company to work around a headache, or not. You’ll have to find that out own your own, and how often is actually happens.

      • What about tracking? Do I have the option of tracking my shipment online? Will I be notified when a checkpoint has been passed?
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      Thank you for your tips and I do think a shipping compnay is very important for import and export business.
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