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      Web Design Advice for the Undesignable

      Have you ever wondered if your site is design challenged? Or maybe you looked at a friends design and clicked away in disgust. Their home page had lots of potential, like your own. But their navigation made you throw your monitor across the room; it’s hard to decide what’s going on because there’s too much stuff going on.

      Or maybe your site design falls under one of these categories:

      Be more clear

      The point of having a website is to bring in more people, and to get them more involved with what you’re all about, whether or not you’re trying to sell them something. In any case, you want people to hang around, and become attracted in who you are and what you specialize in.

      Grow some more

      Does Google rank you high in their search results? Are you specializing in certain keywords, and how are they working out for your marketability factor. Check out this post if you want to know the gist of SEO.

      Analyze everything

      How is your site converting casual visitors into long-term buyers? What pages are receiving the most hits? Or what material seems to invoke comments? Are you using Google Analytics to track your hits, conversions, and basic marketing campaign results?

      Stand out from the crowd

      Does your site read like your standard corporate brochure? Or, does it sound more authentic and real? Most sites focus around the overall design instead of the content that is displayed on their pages. But the best sites radiate personality and perception in their content, and it automatically stands out from the crowd. Think about this: If you hid your logo and changed your usual design, could you tell – by the tone of your voice – that it’s the same site, or would it read just like the rest of the crowd?

      Be clear, not cool

      Every pixel of your website should exude the goals your company has in mind. That means staying away from designs that take away from this perspective by being too flashy. Put clarity at the top of your design priorities – helpful, conventional, resourceful, rational – before coolness – flashy, gaudy, extravagant.

      Update, update, and update with ease

      Are you able to update your site without any outside help? This is why Facebook or some other media platform has become so popular, because you can change everything without nagging the office geek. Why is this important? You need to update certain parts of your site on a daily basis and as easily as possible, to save money and build a sense of dynamism.

      Keep content fresh

      Your website is basically a commercial for your business, and if it’s not changing with the times or being updating, then it’s falling behind. When you’re constantly updating your blog or some other site, you’re creating new content for Google to eat up. Companies that actively blog are highly marketable than others and they have plenty of success with search results.

      Interact with the people

      Adding a blog or some other interactive material to your site gives your visitors a reason to know what you’re all about. Getting to know your people directly, in your own words, lets them experience you in a way that educates them, and why they should buy from you. Updated content that radiates personality and purpose establishes trust in you and your business, and it is the best way to build a long-lasting relationship.

      It’s all about the people

      You have to help them with their troubles, or show in a personal way how your company can make everything easier, supplementing their pain. Show how your products and/or services can improve their reality in a realistic way.
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      Jan 2012
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      Nice post.Thank you for sharing.
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