Do you know the hardest thing when starting a business? For most new business owners, the simple fact is ďBring in new business.Ē Here are some ideas to get things rolling.
It doesnít matter if you have a great product or service, itís not enough. Customers will never find you or your website if you just started to sell. Sure, most business owners have to go on major adventures to bring in new business. But how do they do it?

Think who would buy from you. If you sell to other businesses, think who is most likely to buy from you again and again, and who would be the one to finalize purchase orders. Make the call if you donít know. Then become that person by thinking how they would find your product or service. What social groups do they hang with? Who do they listen to or where do they shop? You must find a way to get your information out there, right in their face.

Many paths to success
Sales happen because customers hear the rave reviews of your product or service in all types of sources. The more they see you and your business, the greater chance they will become your perfect customer when they are ready to make the purchase.

Work media outlets
Social media sites are a great place to acquire contact information and potential leads. Look out for names of people that hold high positions, won industry awards, recently opened a new business, or in any way match your perfect client. Send personalized messages that let them know of your benefits of what youíre selling. Go to the meetings that they will be at. When you meet them, let them know you read about their accomplishments and thank them for their success or mention how interesting they are.

Go to events
Get in touch with organizers of local events and make a deal to give away your product or service in exchange for a way to promote you in their event.
Attend meeting after meeting
If youíve been going hundreds of meetings and you still havenít made a single contact that could lead to a major sale, look some more to see what other events your ideal client is attending.

Follow up
Call or email the people youíve met to see if they bite. If they seem interested, they donít need your product or service now, ask when is a perfect time to call back, or see if they have associates who could use what youíre selling.

Give to get
You should give away free samples of what youíre selling and ask if their friends are interested. Or, if youíre a consultant, give away insightful advice. This could be in an article that contains time saving hints or tips, or it could be a free consultation session in which you provide just enough to make them really interested in your project.

Work your own network
Ask all of your friends if they know people that could love your product or service, or friends of friends who know of any leads. If youíre prices are right, let your friends work for you by paying them a findersí fee that turns into sales.

Keep your enemies closer
Do what they do. Advertise where they advertise.

Low and slow
If most businesses in your industry market to bring in new customers, you should market just like them. But donít expect to make a big ruckus with one large campaign. You must plan small campaigns over a long period of time that your competitors market in. The repetition will create recognition.

Ask your customers if they found your product or service ideal for their needs. Did they find out they donít even need it at all? Did they hold off on buying? Did they have a hard time finding it on your website? Use what you learn to make the necessary changes and watch your sales tick upwards.