Donít you wish you had more time? Just like the rest of you guys out there, I also battle with the challenge of racing against the clock to take care of simple stuff. Unlike our employee lifestyles, being a motivated entrepreneur is a role that never ceases to exist. But I have learned a few tricks to take back what is rightfully yours and get more out of the day.

Here are some of my own tips:


The more tired you are, the harder itíll be to get the job done. Whenever you see yourself running around in circles, take a breather. It doesnít have to be a month-long sabbatical Ė walking around the neighborhood, relaxing at your local coffee shop or regular stretching can be a life saver. If that doesnít work for you, donít work for a couple of hours. Youíre your own boss, right? You deserve it.


Do you keep track of your time? Do you have a habit of writing down reminders that you lose in your wallet/purse? What about writing down appointments in three different places? To control yourself, pick one spot and organize your time and your checklists. You can use an old-school method or a new one. Some people love paper, others love smartphones. The point is to work a system that feels good to you. If someone under you handles your time, make sure they stick to your system, too.


For small business owners trying to grow their business, one of the biggest obstacles to jump over is moving on. Even though you believe your business is your child, you think no one can handle it as well as you can. But if you want to expand, youíve got to give the reins to someone else. The first thing is to farm out the work you donít want to do or what youíre not good at. Odds are in your favor that someone on your payroll will love it Ė and probably handle it ten times better than you. This gives you the time to focus on things a leader should think about Ė like bettering your business model. And youíll make your people feel more responsible, giving them security and confidence.

Know your schedule

Do you prefer to work at night? Then why do you get up at 5 a.m. to head to the office? Successful entrepreneurs work with their strengths, not against it. Know your peak hours and in what environments put you in a working mood. If you feel your best in the evening, for example, work around that time to get the most work done or plan for the next day. Use this time to get into long-term thinking mode, draw up proposals, or finish the tasks that demands solitude. Work your natural clock to your advantage, and youíll beat the competition with less effort.

Give yourself room

One of the biggest mistake we all make is to schedule too much work for ourselves. Then, when something doesnít fall through or when someone is late, we get off trackÖ and we eventually derail. You should always give yourself some room to work with whenever you have big meeting, and always have a free couple of hours at the end of the day for miscellaneous work.


We embark on our business adventures with the best in mind. But when the time comes to open up your doors, all sorts of unexpected affairs appear out of nowhere. They might be important, but are they really? Youíll have to constantly improvise in this life. Always give yourself some time to plan before you jump over your latest hurdle. It could be anything from drawing up a new business plan, packaging new products, or networking with existing customers. Never let anything get in your way when youíre working on something this important.