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    1. Eric_Lau is offline

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      Jul 2012
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      Things you need to know before you dropship from China

      My job was once dealing with hundreds of manufacturers and dropshippers around the world. China is now becoming the most popular dropshipping source. While competing with dropshipper counterparts, they have these advantages:

      1. The products they offer are extremely cheap, which in many cases can mean poor quality;

      2. You can find basically everything, but quality is always the problem;

      3. They can take advantage of the domestic customs law to label the price of the product way lower than it's supposed to be to help you avoid taxes.

      Back to the theme of this thread, you got to watch your back when you deal with these dropshipping sites in China:

      1. You must ask them to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to keep your customers details confidential;

      2. You must request they are using non-logo packaging in order to be invisible to your customers, and request customized invoice with your logo or brand name packed in the parcels to your end users.

      3. If you start off with a new business, what you should first need to do is find products to furnish your own website or store, in this case, you should either buy samples from them to compile your own product information or shoot your own photos, or you can request a data feed from them and directly upload to your website/store from the back-end. Of course, the later one is easier and very efficient but most of the data feed is not free.

      4. Always put watermarks on your own products to avoid your pics being stolen;

      5. Watch out for service guarantee traps, especially about shipping, like "ship in 24 hours" doesn't mean your customer can get the products within 24 hours, it's just they are using 24 hours to get your package ready to ship.

      6. The shipment cost is low but so are the shipment turn around times. It's understandable why they don't usually use shippers like DHL, UPS, FEDEX, because they are insanely expensive and will add up too much cost to the product. What they do usually use is HK Airmail, or Singapore Airmail, it usually takes 12-18 days to get to your customer's hands. So if you don't want bad customer experience, you'd better not over promise about the shipment time to your customers on your website/store.

      7. They don't have certificates or credentials in China, they just produce everything, so don't bother to ask them if they have a certificate, that's your job to get.

      8. About deposit charges, don't do it. If they ask for this, choose another dropshipper.

      9. Do not deal with a B2C website where dropshipping is just part of their retail arm. Most of them are incapable to provide you with a professional and a high efficient service. Why? because it's very hard for them to break rules on a B2C website with a customer base of thousand of use to change the price if you buy in bulk, to prioritize your payment, or to notify you any product price or inventory change, you may encounter problems like having a hard time to get your commission, experiencing a long-time waiting payment confirmation, or selling something already out of stock without awareness.

      10. Don't hesitate to ask for any data/information/analysis anything related to the product sales report, to help you make decisions about what you should sell or what you should let go.

      11. Always use paypal to settle your payment to ensure the security of each payment.

      That's all I can think of, I hope this thread can be helpful to you guys, any further questions, you can simply reply.
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      dheuei (19 Jul 2012), weilah (18 Nov 2016)

    3. Ramatutu is offline

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      Sep 2012
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      0 Times in 0 Posts
      Fantastic read. Picked up some good tips.
      The delivery time has always been a bother for me, especially with ever fussy customers.
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