If you are not thanking your customers by now, then you are not the only one. Even though I am not sure if that is even the business you would like to be in. However, if you do not stand out from the competition, who will? Your competitors!

When did you receive a customized card from a company you did business with? Is it hard to remember? That is because it never happened! However, try to think how great it would be if you did receive one in the mail. Now imagine your customers going through the same emotional experience. Making your customers feel good equals a stronger relationship. A stronger relationship equals plenty of referrals. Plenty of referrals equal more business. Understand?

Invest in a box of cards. Not the generic cards, but a genuine box of cards that vibrate with you and your customers. Pick several personal boxes, one with colorful designs, and another with appealing landscapes. Then begin mailing them. Every time you bring in a new customer, be sure to send them a card for doing business with you. They could have gotten the product or service from one of your competitors. However, they decided to buy it from you. So show your appreciation.

I do not know you, but when I open a custom card in my mail, I look at it first. It's better than opening a bill, and it kind of makes me feel surprised and valued. Is that something you would want your customers to experience? Yeah, I thought so.

So stick to these simple tips to let your customers know you care. I guarantee they will love it.
Be on time. You should send a thank you card within a couple of days of receiving business from your customer.

Do not be cliché about it. Instead, look for something that expresses you or your business.
If you are just going to send a generic "Thank you for your business" card and simply sign it, do not waste your time, you are not doing it right. Instead, write them a note showing your appreciation for the business they have brung or the referral they made.

Do not be a cheapskate and send an email. I know it is free and easy, but it will not seem as authentic like a custom card would. And is your goal to make your business out shine the rest of the competition?

It's humbling to know that someone out there is taking the time out of their day to contact you about your products or services, even if it does not end in a sale. However, the buying process is a smooth and gentle dance. And if a prospect thinks about a buy, do you think he will remember your custom card he received in the mail?

Do not waste another day without thanking your customers as well as those who help you out. Everyone of us remembers those who show their appreciation towards us - and we forget those who do not Which side do you want to be on?