Sure, we all drift off into space in the middle of a project weíre trying to finish after being fascinated by something random or funny. However, such distractions or laziness will cause hiccups and it could even end with an unhappy client base.

Furthermore, distractions or laziness is a typical symptom among the freelance crowd that sneaks up behind us. Moreover, Iíll go over some Jedi mind tricks thatíll keep steady on your goals.

Begin by working on the things you donít like

I know this happens to everyone, we are excited when we get a new project and as we finish up a third of it and move into the boring parts of it, our productivity slowly declines and laziness takes control. In most of the work youíll do, you should start with the things you like to do.

Now with that in mind, if you want to be as productive and or enthused, I usually take turns working on things I love and hat, which means I work on everything at once, lowering my odds of not doing anything.

Keep in mind, this doesnít work for every project Iím working on and you might have to tweak it to fit your own unique workflow.

If thatís the case, try to work on stuff you hate first before you work on the best parts of the gig. As people, we always see the light at the end of the tunnel instead of the other way around. The same thought process can be applied here by placing what you love ahead of you.

Break away from time to time

Nope, Iím not trying to make you less productive or lazy, but here me out here. Breaking away from the computer is a mental refresher that increases overall productivity. We all go through our slow periods here and there and we just browse our favorite sites for a couple of minutes trying to release some pent up work frustration.

A smarter move to make is to just walk away from your computer even if itís just to make some more coffee. This should clear your mind, it also heightens your thinking before you fight on with your latest project.

No more distractions

One problem we all having during our work day is the constant bombardment of cell calls or instant messages. If youíre not accepting any important calls, do not pick up your cell and call them back when youíre done, the same goes for txting, try turning your phone off to stay focused.

Break it apart

As people, we love to see progress, but with a long-term project, seeing progress go by will test your patience. If you want to keep pushing yourself with the extra work, try splitting up the work into smaller chunks. That way youíll feel your progress, that moment of bliss when you accomplished something that wasnít meant to be done right now. Thus, you keep peaking your productivity levels beyond what is possible.

Know your limits

Agreeing to work on too many projects at once is a typical mistake made by countless freelancers and other self-employed folk. When you bring on too much work, you start to feel the weight of it all and therefore slowing down any pace you once had for getting work done.

Even though you might not have a choice in turning away a project, try to take on bigger projects and lose the extra clients to even out the pace. This will give you more room to relax and enjoy what you do, while keeping everything on track.

In the end, staying on point, as a self-employed individual is hard if you donít have the team to keep each other in check. While all these tips may or may not work in your favor, they should help you with your own customized version of these ideas, which is paramount for any business.