If brawns really mattered, T-Rexes would still be running around. The honest truth is, the corporate perception of grandiosity and lack of individualism is a thing of the past.

If you want to make it in todayís digital age, be lean.

Here are some ideas to help your business grow by becoming less:

Your mission statement is much more than that

The more money you make, the less people feel important to you. If you donít speak about whatís important to them, youíre just a big conglomerate. That one of the major problems with big companies:

Their mission statement doesnít feel real. And with the outcome of that belief, people waste their time working with inexperienced companies. The point of your mission statement is to reflect its own humanity.

Plan, plan, plan

Successful companies love to plan for the future because it keeps them from losing control of it. It makes them believe that they know what theyíre doing. The thing about it is, planning burns a lot of calories. And a lot of calories spent causes you to go in a direction that seems right for now, but ends up turning into a disaster down the road. Another point, the more time you spend planning, the less opportunities you have at welcoming wise backup plans. Thatís how you miss opportunities in the first place. When you donít have enough time to handle all the anxiety of planning to actually reap the benefits youíre working for. Donít force yourself to make your plan 100% perfect. Can you think of the times when your plans hindered your abilities?

Easy on the control

Successful companies have a tendency to silence human expression, tone down dissatisfaction and keep the balance in their favor. I believe thatís too much energy for any company. You donít need more protocols Ė you need more common sense. Protocols are dense forms of thought that keeps people from doing something, anything. In a perfect company, your people should feel free to speak their minds without worrying about policy, to make decisions without phoning the higher ups, to go to the supply room without the bureaucracy.

Cut the fat

Try to cu the most fat from your companyís workload by tweaking redundant processes. Get rid of the unnecessary help. Drop unneeded expenses that lose your company thousands every year. And donít waste time with outdated protocol, think of new ways to do the same only faster and move on with your life. In the end, itís all about staying lean as possible. Thatís how you make your company fit and strong.

Keep it cool

Forget the superficial. Leave the pompous attitude behind. And talk to people like a real person. Thatís how you make them understand the distinction between employees and management, which is just people helping other people. Otherwise, if youíre caught up in your own self worth, petting your own ego and quietly removing any mistakes, youíll never be accepted as a leader. And thatís when people lose interest in you. Try to see it this way: If the way you dress sends of message of class, status and rank, your company is too big.

Pay attention to details

Traditional companies of days past do this: they let go of experience in regards to cost. And in the end, that growth further distances people to become faceless, robotic drones of service. However, if youíre still climbing the ranks of business while still caring, you can make it a rule to put experience ahead of anything else. You can grow your company beyond a robotic and mindless state and into a real and enlightening experience. Thatís what keeps people coming back: The way you interact with them during the buying process.

Accept more than average

Realistic people will hold you back. They stifle your ability to innovate, to make a difference. They dumb down your power to see beyond tomorrow. And seeing yourself as realistic means youíre too afraid of risk. Next time forget about the realistic work. By doing this, youíre teaching yourself how to grow beyond what is acceptable. Another thing, saying no to realistic thinking gives you plenty of room for you to say yes to things we donít fully understand yet. If you prefer to remain humble, you have already lost the biggest opportunity in your life, to live. You are what you fear.

Work with momentum

Large organizations are usually thinking about on their next project Ė but small businesses are the real go-getters. Thatís one of the perks of staying lean: speed and mobility. You donít have to wait for your team of lawyers to clear a complaint. You donít have to wait for Tweets to be approved by management. No more waiting around for days to finally see your blog post. You donít spend hours in meetings trying to get a grasp of earning trends and how to handle your risks. You just do it. You improvise as you work on it. And you put your soul into it Ė not just someone elseís policies.