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    1. wholesaleinsight's Avatar
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      Sports, business go hand in hand…

      If you think of business as a sports team, some people just sit on sidelines. They’re sitting/standing there because, even if you don’t have the time to play them just yet, they’re still handy enough to keep them around. They’re there to minimize risk in case something happens to your star athletes and you need someone to take over until they recover.

      The same is very true for any company, most owners don’t have the time to improve their average people. If you have a team of star players eagerly waiting to be put into the game, you’re going to make a huge impact that’s going last longer than the other team. And this, dear reader, is the right way to bring in dedicated people.

      The start of it all

      As we all know, brining in new help is a headache we must fight. The thing about it is, most businesses only look for the right help when they need them. But it usually ends up being the first candidate who seems like a good fit, not because they’re the most qualified.

      Instead, try to look for eccentric people, even when you’re not even looking to bring them on board. In simple terms, always scout the frontier to bring in the smartest, highly skilled people out there. After you’ve touched base with them, stay in touch. Occasionally talk to them over a cup of coffee, and stay in their lives. You never know when you might need them.

      Bring 'Em On

      After you’ve built up your bench, you’re ready to battle the future. You already have the best lined up and ready to work for you. Now you have the freedom to not only get some work done, but to know that your backup plan is in place.

      Remember, even though you’re working this strategy, people can only sit on the bench for so long before they get tired of waiting. To offset this feeling, be ready to throw some work their way. And if someone leaves your bench, you already have three other people waiting in line.

      Plan your strategy

      Strong teams, whether in business or sports, doesn’t happen overnight. They are the result of some quick thinking, strategy, and teamwork. When someone leaves your company, let’s assume for personal reasons, you’re prepared to call up a reserve to keep the game alive.

      What if, say in the middle of an important project, you contracted the first available person to handle the workload of your best employee. Do you think they have what it takes right from the start?

      Think to yourself, if something unexpected came up, who would you call to help you out? If you already know the answer, then you know who to talk to when it happens. And if you’re still clueless, you better take this time to do some more recruiting.
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    2. sumeetmbi is offline

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      Feb 2012
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      United Kingdom
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      Good post, thanks for sharing!

      Totally agree with it, there are a lot of tactics we usually use in sports and those work in business as well.

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