When plans don’t go your way, you can turn the situation into an opportunity. It’s like the universe is roller coaster. We fall asleep to wake up again. We die to be reborn again. That’s my philosophy. Remember, you are always connected to something.

Here are some ways your downward momentum can propel you beyond your wildest dreams:

You force yourself to think more and be detailed about every investment. Your hard work means more to you. It’s more valuable than ever before.

When you live through tough times, your clients want someone who can survive in the worst conditions. Value is a priceless commodity. They want solutions to their problems and will pay for it.
  • When others slow down, you can increase your activity.
  • When others fall behind, you can fly past them.
  • When others are making money, your growth is limited by their success in a booming market. Similarly, your accomplishments are more noticeable in an economic slump.
  • You have everything to gain, and you can bank on it when the economy comes back.

You may ask yourself, "Well, how would I go about succeeding in rough times?" Clearly, every up trend has five traits:

You have to let your customers know what they must do to get the value they demand, and if they love what they get, you earn loyalty that creates even more value.

Begin with a start and end date in mind. Working with a noted beginning and end makes it easier to push yourself beyond your limits, giving you more time to create that competitive edge.

Bring in more people using several social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Flickr.

Growth spurts are closely related to real events, such as holiday seasons, current news, or just plain ol’ hard work.

Give your customers a way to become a part of the action and get the results they demand (e.g., a book signing, a seminar, a social engagement, special sales events, and so on).

Following up is a must. After you’ve done everything in your power, be ready to handle the numbers when people respond. They want everything now, and when you can do that, they’re putty in your hands.

The economy will come back, but it’s not going to be tomorrow. Take advantage of the time you have right now to offer more value. Now, move aggressively, stake your claim, and expand your business.