I strongly believe that every business should have a unique style, or in simple terms, be original. And this is probably the most important step as small business, also called have a real brand. Yeah, I know, image is still considered something for the major corporations. But I like to think otherwise. There are millions of small businesses in the country. That’s a lot of people climbing their way to the top, and that’s the thing. By sticking to a real image, you’re creating something the average Joe can relate to.

Just ponder it for a bit: Any businesses, big or small, are experiences. Their image creates a reaction to the energy their giving off, call it empathy or compassion. How do you feel towards your favorite store? You’re probably excited to go there next time. This is what I’m talking about, a happy experience. What about Sony? Maybe you believe they’re laptops are high quality, which they are (wink wink Sony). That’s something you want to be known for, too. For Sony, the importance of being known for quality is priceless, it even gives them the right to charge a bit more than the competition.

By attaching a memorable experience to your image is probably, if not more important, than your business itself. Your business probably has more competition then Sony and Apple combined, so…

Here are some tips to help your brand stand out from the rest:

Create a catchy phrase and matching logo

Also, a memorable phrase and visually appealing logo that’s added into all of your marketing campaigns is a great way to put two and two together in your audience’s collective mind.

What multinational conglomerate says, “make.believe”? Sony, of course. Who says, “life takes Visa”? Duh, Visa. And who says, “Find wholesale suppliers, trade buyers and wholesale offers free”? Why, WholesaleForum of course. Those phrases bring about a thought provoking feeling. See what I’m trying to say?

Also, a smart logo is a great way to get people to attach an emotional response to your company. Once more, Sony is inspiring – the “make.believe” reminds human beings of the powers they all have.

The point is to create a logo with a matching catch phrase that tells people how you help them when they buy from you, and you keep doing it again, and again, until they clearly remember it by themselves.

It’s just a name… or is it?

If you’ve been in business for years and your name has built a solid reputation amongst the people, you have nothing to worry about.

But if you’re just starting out, remember this: Your name is your greatest asset if you want to create your own unique style and memorable experience. It’s the first thing people hear, and probably the only thing they can relate to your business.

Your name lets people know what you specialize in, or keeps it in their long-term memory. Try this:

Be niche: WholesaleForum.com, eSources.co.uk

Include your pluses: Barnes & Nobles or OfficeMax

Have fun with it: Best Buy’s best buys

Or be jilarious: The Adam Carolla Show

By including all of these ideas, you’ll go above and beyond to create a lasting brand.