Have you ever been to a meeting where it drags on and on, yapping about pointless slides? A presentation like that usually bores the people there with information overload, while losing precious time meeting with sponsors to go over their own marketing plans.

I know we all average about 10 minutes before our attention span drops considerably, yet we put people in these situations that last almost an hour. You should strive to be one of only a few that makes meetings fun by using all the latest tools and gadgets.

Going over any updates is the reason why we all meet. But people drift off unless you keep it entertaining. You have to keep them interacting, share their points of view, work together and add their quips in real-time.

Going to a meeting doesnít mean you have to sit in a hard chairs and listen to people talk forever. Keep on reading if you want to liven and make your own events as productive as possible.

Switch up the seating

Try having your guests sit on bean bag chairs or even laying down on relaxing couches, futons or whatever to make them feel as comfortable talking about what needs to be said. It also creates a feeling that this isnít your typical business meeting. By switching up the expected outcome and making it as pleasing as possible, it soothes peopleís attitudes, behavior and willingness to learn.

Time for a break

Let your speakers know they have a time limit to give your attendees a break. For instance, let them finish up their presentation in 20 minutes, and then let your audience take a walk around the premises to go over any important points. After a quick break, the person speaking can either continue or let the next guy take over. This gives people room to decompress and take in what theyíve learned. It keeps them connected and informed about the company.

Social networking

Social media is the next best thing, and thatís even truer when it comes to conventions and trade shows. Itís being incorporated into their event planning and overall marketing strategy, but it helps to brighten up the experience. At a trade show, people can use their Twitter tags to talk about a particular presentation or workshop. When itís over, other people who didnít have the time to attend can read about an overview. By letting others know what happened, it keeps it relevant. And for the private companies that donít want their affairs aired over the net, they can use something more niche like Yammer for the same reason.

Change up your presentation style

Try using a quick speaking style where you go over a bunch of images, lasting only 10 seconds on each slide. Have a bunch of your speakers do the same thing instead of having one person take up an entire hour. It gives your audience a greater perspective of the event in general. People wonít be used to the new presentation style, so theyíll pay attention for the heck of it because they want to know whatís different about it. It channels your content. You get to the heart of it.
If youíre going to dish out the big bucks to organize a big meetings or weekend conference, you should do everything in your power to make it a memorable experience for the people attending.