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      Preparing for the Holiday Season

      Even though Black Friday is right around the corner, there is still time for vendors to bump up their odds of having a great holiday shopping season. We all recognize the importance of customer service, but itís highly stressful during holiday times. And when the economy isnít doing so well and people want more bang for their buck, one of the smartest moves your company can make is to improve customer service.

      Remember, customers come to your place of business to get something they want. The companies that are the best at giving what the customer wants will be the winners. Theyíll bring in more buyers, more repeat sales and more recommendations.

      So, if you want to attract the most from this upcoming holiday season then give your customers exceptional customer service. Here are some ways to get it right:

      Customers come first
      They believe you can solve their problems. Otherwise they would have shopped elsewhere. Respect their decision by doing everything in your power to help them. This means channeling your attention and efforts on discovering what they need and help them achieve it. You put their happiness and desires first! It means youíre single most activity is helping them get what they want.

      When you speak with a customer, drop whatever youíre doing and make them your life. Establish suitable eye contact, listen, nod and let them know you are paying attention to them. Ask questions to confirm and explain that you understand. As you listen even closer, never judge what theyíre saying. Keep an open mind so you see everything. And remember, listening is a career.

      Keep it fun
      The holiday season is a time for fun. But for many people, it never is because of the stress involved to get everything done. You can help ease their anxiety by getting back the joy of the season. Have fun by letting them experience an uplifting and positive environment. Itís not about playing around or wasting time. But it is about bringing excitement and joy into the work environment and bringing the customer along for the roller coaster ride.

      Stay flexible
      The goal is to help customers get what they want, when they want. So youíll always need to look out for other alternatives. You need to be creative. You need to think outside the box when the first solution comes into your mind when youíre working with a customer. What I mean is that you have to give your customers more than one choice. By offering them more than one solution youíre likely to give them what they need. There are only a few things worse than having a customer say ďis that the only available?Ē

      It also means that youíre willing to try new things and go the distance for your customers. It means solving problems instead of taking orders.

      Make them smile
      If they are pleased with your product or service, they will come back. Remember, this doesnít mean you do everything to make your customers happy. You do have to uphold the policies of your company. But it does mean that you do everything within your power to make them happy. Always look for ways to give them a great experience.

      Think like a customer
      Try to think like a customer in as many ways as possible. How do you feel? What do you expect from the people youíre buying from? Most people want the same things like common courtesy, problem solving, correct information, a friendly vibe, quality and value.

      What about the times when youíre angry or irritated with a company you do business with? Think about the feelings you experience in those situations. And think about whatís motivating you too. What moves you in those situations? How would you want them to solve your problems?

      Be efficient and friendly
      The people are under stress to get everything done in a small amount of time. Be as efficient as possible to show that you respect their time. But mistake quick for friendly. You need to balance both. Give your customers a friendly smile and a genuine, warm greeting and youíll give them a better experience while theyíre browsing through your store.

      Be helpful
      Donít push people around to buy what you want them to buy. Remember, they walked through your doors to buy something, not to hear you complete a sale. Your mind should be set on how you help more than how can you sell. Hold this thought as you find out that theyíre easier to work with and more likely to buy from you.

      Before the holiday shopping season begins, you have time to think of new ways to offer unheard of customer service. Every day, schedule meetings with your staff and talk about what went on the day before. Did you hear about any unusual requests? Review each day and what you learned from it. Let your employees think of innovative solutions to meet the needs of the customer so you can help them have a happy holiday season.
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      Thanks a lot. it's useful for me and I'm very glad you can share with us!
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