A positive mindset does not happen by chance. Successful entrepreneurs know how to build and sustain a positive attitude to keep them going when times are tough. Here's how you can follow their footsteps starting today.

Let's say you have two children, Adam and Bald Bryan, who are six and seven years old. On their first day of school, you start a family game. At dinner that evening, you ask, "Boys, what was the most exciting thing you did today?"

Waiting for their response, you see that they think hard. They finally say, "Oh no, daddy's playing a new game." Regardless of their response, Adam and Bald Bryan will try to tell something exciting and fascinating they did that day. You could even add to the conversation by telling them something uplifting that happened at the office.

Eventually, it will seem like the boys will be doing something fun during the day, just so they could talk about it at dinner. You all laugh a lot and delight in each other's stories.

Where was the boy's focus? You guessed it, on positive things that were going on throughout the day. During this time of their lives, do you believe Adam and Bald Bryan had bad things happen to them or around them? You bet they did. We all have bad experiences and bad people in our lives.

You just do not want the negativity to be the primary focus. You want to see past the stupidity around you and live in the positive.

Think about the countless times you end your day in a bad mood. What about rush hour traffic? The report you did not finish. The people who never return your calls. Your computer not working right.
I am not saying that you stick your head in the sand. I am saying that you do not make it your entire reality.

Successful entrepreneurs build their positive mindsets because they thrive on progress.

At the end of the day, instead of living with all the hardships and all the work that has to be finished, write down your accomplishments.

Write three uplifting, interesting things that happened to you throughout the day. You can end each day on a good note by writing down things that went great.

It could be events that happened to you, your friends, the things that felt great to you, or just for being a great day. Some of the most memorable things to remember are your own actions. Frequently, there is not a soul around to recognize your accomplishments, even the little things that happened in the day. By remembering your achievements, you give yourself a pat on the back and see progress, even if it's almost nothing.

Having a positive mindset towards business and life in general is one of founding characteristics all successful people have in common. In my few years in business, I have talked to several successful entrepreneurs. With minor exceptions, those who are successful and grateful have built and maintained a positive mindset.

Start right now. Jot down or tell a friend three positive things that happened to you today. The recognition of something positive in your life will pump you up and increase your sense of well-being. You will see life in a new light, call it a higher plane with infinite possibilities.