As you begin to get back into your routine for the New Year, this is probably the best time to look back at your wins and losses that didnít fall through in 2010.

Here I present very simple steps that you have to make to jump-start your efforts in 2011:

Be proud of your business

Congratulate yourself at your ability to create a company, helping those who need help especially your employees. You are the leader of this country.

Praise the return of the good economy

This country survived the Great Depression. You have to face your fear that itís going to be a while until things get going. On the other hand, thereís still a lot of money out there, more than enough to help you grow this year. Your constant nagging about the economy doesnít help your cause, finding ways to solve problems definitely puts you in the right direction.

Know your financial statements

Most business owners have too much on their plate or donít even bother to understand the basics of their financial statements. You have to be motivated to teach yourself what profit and loss means, how to read cash flow statements and use them as a guide to determine potential outcomes. Donít let your accounting pro, bookkeeper or CFO handle this understanding for you.

Know the peopleís pain

When things were going great, people bought vitamins (i.e. mind pleasers). In hard times, know what makes the people hurt by talking to them this month and letting them know your business is there to help them with anything. Concentrate on what the people need, not what you think they want.

Relax a bit

Your professional and personal life will clash together here and there. Try to have one day out of the week or maybe more without cell phone. Even better, go through one day without the use of technology. Am I crazy? Yes.

Get rid of excess weight

Whatís the point of employing people who are underachievers, social misfits, or donít add any value to the company. If that person took off for a month or two, would you even notice? Everyone knows the answer should be no. Fight that fear and get rid of them this month.

Always invest in yourself

You can always teach yourself a thing or two. Donít you offer highly extensive training programs for your best employees? Doesnít it make sense to do the same thing for yourself? Your goal this year is to improve one area that youíre incredibly weak in or highly fearful of.

Market to confident buyers only

Youíre business probably burns a lot calories trying to sell to people that are short of funds. I know Iíve spent countless hours trying to convert a maybe. Know the difference between a ďtire kickerĒ from an actual buyer by sizing up their budget, decision-making process, and the amount of time they need before they buy.

Attend industry events

A key factor in long-term success for any business is to learn from others. Never cheat yourself when youíre actually walking the aisles of the conference by tending to the problems that are going on at the office.

Stick with your working strategies

Have faith in what youíre business is selling not on lowering your prices as a way to drum up business. Center on people that are grateful of the effort you go through to solve their problems. Let your competitors worry about price wars.

Build relationships

Even though email and phone calls are a great way to communicate with your customers, you shouldnít make that youíre only form of communication. With Facebook being all the rage, authentic and real relationships are formed in real life.